Upper thigh pain while SQUATTING!

  1. Upper thigh pain while SQUATTING!

    Hey guys

    I started squatting after starting to bulk properly 8 weeks ago, i started on 132lbs and now am about to move onto 190lbs (gaining very fast).

    I do a quick warmup of 132pounds now of about 8-10 reps (im thinking i should do more for squats - ive heard of other guys doing heaps more... or just more sets)

    Then i do 3 sets of about 5-8 reps and last set is always till failure till i drop and fall on my behind

    I lately have been feeling in my upper right thigh on the inner side where it connects to my crotch area a mild pain, nothing bad but its a discomfort. Today it was a bit worse than last time and it feels kinda like a stabbing pain of some sort when im lifting up again about to stand up straight again.

    Just wondering if anyones had any of these problems or anything similar and what could be done to try prevent it?

    My squats are gaining really fast i'm really loving it and im hoping to break 220lbs MINIMUM by the end of the year so i dont want anything stopping me

  2. I had the same problem, and stil do some times. You need to start stretching your groin every morning, and after your warm up sets.

    Heres what I do and it has helped.
    1.)Legs a little bit further than shoulder width and lean to one side until you feel a stretch and hold it for about a 15 count, stand up shake it out then do it to the other side.
    2.) Drop to a knee like your doing lunges and lean back and push back on the upright knee. Hold for about 15 and then do it to the other one.
    3.) laying on your side pull one leg to you butt and do a stander quad stretch butlean back with your upper body while pulling back on your leg...hold for 15 then do it to the other side.

    *Also doing hip abduction and hip Aduction will probably help the problem too, the exercises you see all the girls doing where they open their legs like they're getting ready to take it and close them and vis versa....

    Hope this helps
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative


  3. ah ok ill give it a try and let ya know thanks!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by soseg View Post
    ah ok ill give it a try and let ya know thanks!
    Also look up some IT-band stretches.

  5. Sounds like a pulled or stretched groin to me. Stretch, stretch and stretch some more. Before and after every workout. Also, ride the stationary bike for 5 minutes at a slow pace before and after...



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