Workout Length

  1. Workout Length

    Got my diet in order for a good bulking cycle. But my only question now is. What is the proper amount of time that should be spent during a given workout. I have heard some say that anywhere from 1 hour to an hour and a half is sufficient in order to prevent over training. Others say they workout as long as they need to until finished. My last workout was easily two and a half hours taking into consideration the rest between sets. Maybe my rest periods bewteen sets is too long, or maybe i'm just working out too long. Just trying to figure out if i'm working out past a certain put that is actually doing more harm that good. Any input appreciated.

  2. I finish my WO in under an hour everytime and sometimes in about 45 minutes. There is no reason to spend that much time in the gym lifting. Either you are doing way too volume or taking way too much time in between sets.
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  3. Sorry about the double thread

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