Any good?

  1. Any good?

    Well heres what I'm doing now for my routine every week (its been this for bout a month now (been using creatine for prolly lil more than a week now)

    Monday: 2 different workouts (3 sets ranging between 4-12 reps depending on what im working) for- Tris,lats,biceps,forearms,shou lders,delts,pecs (this workout is usually 1 1/2- 1.45 hours long (I know its not good to workout that long in a row but my friend said it wont hurt if its only 2 day s a week ... he right?)

    Tuesday: 5 different sets (each set 70reps) of ab workouts plus jogging 15 minutes Rest 5 minutes then jogging 10 minutes

    Wednesday: Same as Monday

    Thursday: Same as tuesday

    Friday: Just 3 sets of normal sitting down dumbell curls (sets of 9) and 3 sets of 20 pulldowns (not exactly what their called if that isn't it) which i believe work the lats. Along with 3 sets of leg curls.

    Saturday: Same as Friday

    Sunday: Off

    Nutrition- one spoonfull of creatine everyday- usually before workout. One scoop of whey protein usually during workout or after, along with One pill of Amino Burst, 2 Calcium pills, and 1 fish liver pill- tooken everyother day. Along with usually 4 meals a day.

    Any changes should I make to this?
    Thanks guys

    And how long does it take before you see results with creatine? And what are the results with using creatine? :P

  2. Youll see creatine work within 2-3 weeks.

    Please read this over:
    The "No Frills" Bulking FAQ

  3. wut bout my workout schedule? that good?
    And what kind of results? :P

  4. Anyoneee??

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