1. Creatine

    When is it best to use it?
    The vitamin/store guy said after you he right
    not during? or before?
    and he said dont load either for the first week like they tell you to...should I not load either?
    Any help would be great thanks guy

  2. I use it before, but i'm taking green magnitude so it has some stuff for endurance

  3. creatine is a good addition to any workout program I think, but if you overload too much you might find yourself paying the price for it in the future. creatine makes you bigger, but at the expense of dehydrating your joints to flood your muscle cells w water. stay well hydrated whenever you take it, but don't take it for longer than a month at a time and be cognizant of its side effects.

    as per your question, taking creatine directly post workout should suffice. i take it pre and post, but i'm on two different support supps -- pre workout I take a leucine formula that has 3 grams creatine mono, and post I just take 5 g creatine mono. You don't have to take creatine in the AM and I wouldn't load either. Just use as directed and your net results will be just as good in the end.

    Also, I wouldn't take it on non-workout days. This is just pointless bc you waste your money. Supplementing w it after your workouts will still cause creatine to be stored in skeletal muscle tissue.

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