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  1. Doggcrapp training

    Has anyone here dabbled in "Doggcrapp" training and if so, what kind of results did you achieve? I have been reading all about it and find it intriguing. The only thing I don't really like is the fact that the disciples of the program seem to think that it requires long-term commitment, even though the hook of the program is basically "fast gains, a lot of pain, little time spent in the gym."

    If you haven't read about this method of training before, the concept is pretty simple:

    1. Do as many warm up sets as necessary to get up to an 8 RM, then you do the 8 reps, then rest/pause (take a few breaths - up to 15), and then perform another few reps, rest/pause once more and then perform one final set with the goal being to reach 15 total reps with your 8 RM.

    That's all you do for that exercise, then you move on to another exercise for a different body part.

    Also, the exercise selection is split up based on your "favorite" exercises for a given body part. For example, let's use chest as the body part being worked: the first favorite exercise might be flat barbell bench press, followed by incline dumbbell presses, and then incline barbell bench press.

    In workout 1 you do flat bb bench, the next time you do chest, you hit it with incline DB press, and then incline BB press in the 3rd time doing chest. Once you've gone through this rotation, you start with your first favorite exercise again. So, the 4th time you are working your chest is the same as the 1st time (except you want to use heavier weight ).

    Workout 1
    CHEST: smith incline 375 x 15 reps rest pause (RP) and a 30 second static rep at the end (then stretches)
    SHOULDERS: front smith press-330 x 13 RP and 30 second static (then stretches)
    TRICEPS: reverse grip bench press 315 for 15-20 reps RP-no static (then stretches)
    BACK WIDTH: rear pulldowns to back of head 300 x 18 RP (20 second static at end)
    BACK THICKNESS: floor deadlifts straight set of 8-20 reps (then stretches for back)

    Workout 2
    BICEPS: preacher bench barbell curl RP for 14 reps and 30 second static
    FOREARMS: hammer curls straight set for 15 reps (then stretches for biceps)
    CALVES: on hack squat straight set for 12 reps but with a 20 second negative phase
    HAMSTRINGS: Cybex hamstring press (pressing with heels up top) RP for 20 reps
    QUADS: hack squat straight set of 6 plates each side for 20 reps (of course after warming up)

    The program is also predicated on "extreme stretching" which is supposed to be a key to the program yielding results. That seems to be the most "annoying" part of the program to me, but maybe some will like the idea of doing (probably much needed) stretching.

    Anyway, it seems like something I might try out at some point. Apparently it yields some insane results.

    All about Doggcrapp and DC Training

  2. Just wondering why this is in the Bulking Forum?

    Im using it on a cut and its yielding AMAZING results!! I just switched to it. Im doing it a little different though. I like shoulders with legs and like doing more sets. On a cut I need to be in the gym more often and I recover faster than most people so this is what Ive been doing while 25 pounds lighter on a cut and hitting personal records on EACH lift...

    Day 1 - chest, back width, back thickness, tris, bis (stretches)
    Day 2 - hams, quads, shoulders, traps, (stretches)
    Day 3 - cardio, abs, calves, forearms
    Day 4 - repeat day one with different movements etc...
    Day 5 - repeat day two different movements
    Day 6 - " " three " "
    Day 7 - off

    The stretching IS KEY! I never really got sore until I started doing them. Especially for chest, holding a flye all the way down is deeeaaaaatttthhhh!!!

  3. a few of us do a hybrid form of it. I picked my version up from Beelzebub (a member here) and went with it.

    It made me burst through plateaus last year.. I'm going back on it again after being deconditioned from strength training.

    It'll put size on you, and the stretches are actually great once you get used to the pain.

  4. I've been doing DC training for about 8 months now and love it, the stretches are excellent as well. I'm also using it while dieting and it definitely helps you maintain your mass.

  5. Ive been doign Dc stretches for the last month and Dc calves the last eight weeks.

    I plan on doing it after my cut. Ill use it as long as Im getting results. Good to hear success stories of people using it on a cut. AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  6. Been doing it for about 6+ months now.. Love it.. Can't see myself changing it ever, unless for a hybrid version of it for a while. Steadily making strength gains.

  7. How have your physiques improved while doing DC?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dhuge67 View Post
    How have your physiques improved while doing DC?
    I think I got sexier.

  9. anyone have a good website that explains in detail and also has pictures of the stretches? I've been wanting to try this out for a while, just never found a good place explaining the routine and stretches.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by dhuge67 View Post
    How have your physiques improved while doing DC?
    Less fat, more muscle, big strength increases, wayyyyyy more flexibility.

  11. Yup, especially my stuborn ass bi's, and back width. I am stronger now after about 1yr off from serious lifting, then i was 1.5 years ago when i was ON.

    I think if you fully understand it, and have the CORRECT rep ranges, and real routine it is GOLDEN.

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  13. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    thanks for the help.

  14. works great for me. drifted away for a bit to try a few other programs but found them to be inferior IMO. i made a few tweaks to the original DC training to suit my needs (hence what ubi is talking about) and made terrific strength gains and moderate size gains. nowadays, i've taken to dieting and am using the same approach only combined with TUT on every movement being that heavy lifting and dieting don't go well together. at the end of the diet (30lbs or so), i'll see how it worked. all in my log updated each workout.


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