Need some advise for my trip

  1. Need some advise for my trip

    Hey, currently taking in around 6500 calories daily. Now I leave for Australia at the end of July for volunteer work, and I don't want to loose a lot of weight. I know I wont be able to get all the foods I eat on a daily basis and I wont be able to eat as frequently. Are there any suggestions you guys have for keeping my weight up while out of the country? Protein bars, meal replacement drinks?

  2. How long are you going for? Short trips you could get through with a box of protein bars, bags of beef jerky, bring your tub of protein powder (depending on if your able to,) and stuff along those lines.

    Maybe you would want to look into ordering a weight gainer (mass meal, SAN fusion, anything along those lines) for high calorie easy shakes (since your eating 6500 cals I dont see any problem with those options)

    Just try to eat when your there as healthy and as much as you can and you should be fine.

  3. Well its for a month, and Im not sure about if Im allowed to being powders on a plain or not. I guess I will have to call and ask.

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