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    Once school starts up again I want to start to bulk the problem is I feel like durrin the day I have no time to eat enough. Im looking for some help on a diet plan with lots to clean foood that will help me bulk(clean bulk). My main goal is to try and gain as much strenght and mass as possible without gaining alot of body fat. Any suggestion would be helpful.

  2. Hey whats up man.

    I know where your comming from as far as eating in school (just graduated this year) but believe me there are ways to get the food in as long as your willing to put in a little bit of effort.

    As far as what to eat stick with beef, chicken, tuna, eggs, steak, whey protein powder, oats, whole wheat bread and pasta, fiber cereals, natural peanut butter, flax oil or olive oil, and nuts like almonds. You want to formulate meals so that you get in the desired amount of macro and micro nutrients (check out fitday.com to plan out what to take in to reach your calorie goals.) As far as how much that depends on your build (what are your stats?)

    Now regarding meal timing that is where some effort will come in. Personally I woke up early every day so I could get my egg whites, turkey bacon, ezekiel bread, and asparagus down and although it was a chore its a neccessity. Even if your busy Im sure you could make time for a bowl of oats or fiber cereal and a whey shake or some eggs.

    At school you have a lunch period and personally for me a study hall to eat again. My schedule wasnt perfect so i found myself eating tuna in the bathroom stall alot (I was anal about meal timing) and believe me it was beyond a PITA but its all worth it to get in the nutrients your body needs.

    With a little work (making meals the night before or in the morning) you can et all your meals in and enough calories to grow.

  3. Get a bunch of high calorie energy bars off ebay in bulk and eat them between classes.

  4. Thanks guys any other suggestion. Also what kind of bar would you recomend there so many..

  5. yea what would you recomond? i have the same issue with eating in school. i need to find a bar with NO nuts,almonds, or any bar that has been proccesed with nuts or in the same factory. (allergy to nuts)

  6. Hey dude, i know where you're coming from, im about to be a senior in high school next year and eating in between classes is a pain since all i get is crap from all the kids for trying to eat healthy. Neway, heres a little tip ive picked up, go to a GNC, hopefully you have one in ur area, and look at all the protein bars, to get them cheap just look for the red tag, which means they "expire" in 6 months or so. You really have up to a year after they expire before they're no good nemore. The cool part is, when they start to expire six months out GNC has to reduce the price 50-80% so keep an eye out. I picked up over 200 bars and 50 shakes and drinks for 185$ bucks a while ago and these were pure protein and nitrotech. Also look if they have NitroTech shakes in the four packs premade, those are really good and when expiring cost like 2-3 dollars for four.

  7. What would you guys say are the best protien bars and what kind of nuts are good?

  8. its hard for me to eat at my job so i eat bars then. I just buy whatever is cheap off ebay.

  9. I had the same prob this last past year every weekend i would stock up for the week i would go to the grocery store and get Fat free mozzerella cheese the mario brand. it had 9g's of protein per stick fat free and carb free, eat six of those for a meal.


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