How much calories do you eat while bulking

  1. How much calories do you eat while bulking

    I'm wondering, before to think to bulk do you think I need to be under 12% BF ?

    And how much calories do I need to eat? I think it's about bodyweight in lbs * 20 .

    What supplementation do you recommend while bulking?


  2. Use a BMI calculator and start off with adding 500 calories to what you are supposed to consume to stay the same weight. If that isn't enough you can add a 100-200 a week until you see the results you want?

  3. Thumbs up need some advice

    Sup guys.

    I need some advice on lean bulking. I've just finished a 6 month cut and now it's time to lean bulk and pack on the lean mass. I'm 5'8", 157lbs, and 31in waist around the widest area. Right now I'm consuming approximately 2000 calories.

    My plan is to increase calories every week by 100 calories. I will measure weight and waist every monday, and if my waist starts to go up, I either remain at those calories or drop by 100 and remain there. And continue in this fashion. My goal is to gain while maintaining waist at 31in - 33in. 33 inches is the MAX I will allow myself to go.

    What do you guys think? Is there a better way to go about lean bulking?


  4. 6 month cut! Do you mean you were dramatically over weight and dieted? lol

    Anyway adding 200 calories a week will not suffice to do bulk even if it is lean. Why not just do a dirty bulk, eat what you want and lose it later. Lean bulks are 2 words that really do contradict eachother. Bulking should really be a chance to give your body plenty of cals to build muscle, sure some fat will be put on but for bulking having fat is actually healthy and promotes an anabolic response.

    Here is how I look at it. If you take 2 people, genetically the exact same and gave them 4 months to look their best, the guy who decided to dirty bulk and cut later will more then likely be the victor at the end of those 4 months. Additionally, a dirty bulk will raise your maintenance calories significantly, so cutting will be easier on you. Rather then the guy who did the lean bulk where he was not building muscle at his maximum potential but trying to stay fairly lean the whole time. When he starts cutting his maintenance cals will be faily moderate so cutting will be more difficult. And plus dirty bulking is fun, it gives you an excuse to eat the ****ty foods you want to eat but can't haha.

    goodluck to you.

  5. That sounds yummy, would you suggest keeping bf% to a certain level? Or just say screw and go balls out?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Compressiceps View Post
    That sounds yummy, would you suggest keeping bf% to a certain level? Or just say screw and go balls out?
    Well I am not trying to make gluttons out of you guys lol. You still have to have discipline to some extent, but eating more fatty foods would be ok. So if you feel like burger then eat it, no need to stick to salads and tuna ALL the time. It also depends on what type of body you have, if you are a straight endomorph (tend to be short and stocky) then a dirty bulk may not work for, the fact is most ppl who need advice on bulking are skinny framed ectomorphs who really need to take in the calories. Still eating veggies and taking you bcaa's and omegas are crucial.

    I start a bulk when I am around 10-12% BF, by the end I am near 15% maybe more. When I'm bulking naturally a good guide line for me is if at the end of the week I have gained more then 2.5lbs I cut down slightly my food intake because more of that weight would be fat then muscle.


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