Best way to tighten up what i am working with?

  1. Best way to tighten up what i am working with?

    EDIT** moved this to the weight loss forum sorry!

  2. Amazing bro. You should be pround of yourself.

    Why not join a commercial gym?

    Does you bench have a freeweight bar?

  3. Thank you ! I am proud indeed, as is my natire to finish EVERYTHING i start...i made a decision to do it, and i will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

    Yes the bench i have does have a freeweight long bar, weights like 45 pounds with just the bar on it. Its also adjustable as to where i could be ditting upright on it with back support, do incline bench type sets, ect.

    and about joining a gym, i dont feel i would be able to go enough to make benefit from a membership. My work hours are kinds awkward and limits what i can do MON-FRI. Weekends i spend with my girlfriend as i cant see her during the week much, and that would leave no time for a gym, so i just work with what i have at home.

    on a side note, if i could get my body to look like the one in your avatar does(assumeing its you), or even remotely CLOSE to it, that would be my ultimate goal. Its the exact image in my head i get when i visualize what i want to look like.

  4. The fact that your have a free bar gives you a lot of options. You can created a pretty decent routine just using a bench, a bar, some weights...adding dumbells gives even more options and a squat rack or cage is another good investment.

    Link your new thread here and I'll give you some ideas...

    Oh, and yes this is me in my avatar and thank you for the compliment. proportionately we are about the same size...i'm 5"11 208lbs

  5. Need some help guys, to tighten up with what i am working with.

    thats the link to my other thread, i thought it might be better in that forum. thanks though, any idea's feedback you could provide will be most useful to me and i am pretty much willing to do anything diet/workout wise.

    i think my biggest thing right now is i need a LOT more protein in my diet, and should probobly do the whole eat every 3 hours a day thing....atleast i think so. any idea's the best way to go about that bro?? thanks in advance !

    im fairly new to the whole conditioning/bulking thing sorry if i sound so un-educated to the whole thing, lol its because i am



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