Protein intake

  1. Protein intake

    Alright so I have been working 60h a week lately and am bulking(well trying to atleast) And I gotta say, I am having a VERY HARD time taking in my required protein which is around 500g. I like to eat as much whole foods as I can.

    Lately I have been hitting more like 400g. And my body is paying the price. If I take in more then 50g of protein/meal then it is in the toilet automatically. And I really don't have time to be eating 10 times a day. HELP ME!!!! I need some economical ways to do this.. price wise and time wise.
    Because damn, my food/supplement bill is getting a little hefty.

  2. Whey protein will save you. I also liked GF-Pro's blueberry whey, damn tasty if you want a change of flavors but it's not cheap. All The Whey might have the cheapest whey proteins if you're into value

  3. yeah I use quite a bit of whey. 100% whey is $45 for a 5lb tub here in ontario. I would say whey makes up 100g of protein/day at the moment. I really do prefer whole foods though.

  4. why not throw in a big juicy steak for dinner? find a store running a special on some type a steak and you can get em at a pretty good price(buy 1 get 1 or something along those lines). i think a sirloin is around 60g protein/10 oz.

    also, if you eat oatmeal for breakfast, i read that a bunch of people put whey into it. no idea how it tastes tho....

  5. I eat lots of steak and potatoes. I **** 5 min after a protein shake. My ass is honestly hurting me lmao. Feels like I spent a few days in prison if you know what i mean. Well that was kind of rude of me to say but what I am getting at is if my protein intake consists of mainly shakes then I am on the can all day long. And I really prefer whole food.

  6. Maybe invest in some digestive enzymes or a DIFFERENT kind of protein powder as opposed to trying to trying to work around the problem...?

  7. 6 huge full length rump steaks for 8 bucks... Meat is cheap

  8. I have tried every type of protein on the market. But digestive enzymes seem like a good idea, ill give it a try.

  9. You don't need as much protein as you think.

  10. maybe you should reconsider taking in soo much protein,sounds like your body isn't utilizing it all if you are taking dumps all day long
    I see it as,as long as you are taking in enough protein for breakfast,pre/post workout and prior to bedtime you should be alright as long as one isn't overtraining.My thoughts is that as long as I am resting enough and eating enough,it's all gravy!

  11. 500g? how much do u weigh? thats huge i struggle breaking like 250g a day

  12. Quote Originally Posted by SteelEntity View Post
    I have tried every type of protein on the market. But digestive enzymes seem like a good idea, ill give it a try.
    Try physique. I too have bad problem with shakes but physique being lactose free I don't **** my pants.

  13. tried it lol. It did work a little better.. but very little.

  14. Right now i am near 287. Doing a bulking cycle and running some test and deca, since I am on juice, I have bumped up my protein intake somewhat. I am aiming for 2g per lb. It is a struggle but over the years I have concluded i am one of those guys who really benefits from a high protein diet. But the cycles going great in 6 weeks I have put on 27lbs, and am getting some stretch marks which although is ****ty, shows I am growing. My BF has only gone up a couple. I am 6'4 though.


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