Suggestions to improve bulk

  1. Suggestions to improve bulk


  2. A good guideline to use when clean bulking is to increase your calories by 500 everyday. At the end of 7 days get on the scale, if you have gained over 2lbs, this means that you are consuming to many calories per week and putting on a fair amount of fat. Also take your BF% every couple of weeks to measure progress. But if you are bulking naturally and putting on more then 2 lbs weekly less then half that will be muscle if you are training right. The rest will be fat. So in my experiences I have just adjusted my calories according to what the scale says everyweek. Once I know my training is effective and I am gaining about 1-1.5lbs a week I am happy. Even though you are bulking on a clean diet, still some fat gains will occur.. that's near impossible to prevent. And gaining muscle on a clean diet is harder then a diet with fats. Honestly unless you really really don't want to gain any fat.. I would do a dirty bulk... eat like a horse, make your muscle gains then cut the fat. If you diet correctly you will not lose a substantial amount of muscle in the cutting process, Especially if you use supplements. About the carb cycling.. I don't personally like the idea. I don't really know enough about it to, so i won't give a half ass answer. There are alot more knowledgable people here then myself

  3. Oh and to much cardio is a bulkers worst enemy... you should cut the cardio in half.

  4. Wheres the protein on traingin day meal one and 2? meal 1 is key, not getting enough food there is more of a cut. 2-4 eggs, whole wheat toast with PB, and some milk, nuts, fruit. Cardio i do 2x a week if i feel like it, sometimes 1 time. sad really but for the time being it safe.

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