Hurry and Read! Sorta Important

  1. Hurry and Read! Sorta Important

    LOL... Glad the teaser Title got you in here... NOW PLEASE DON"T LEAVE! LOL

    Need a few quick tips!

    My Stats:

    I'm 22. Weigh about 163 (as of today). Am taking Nitrix (from BSN). On a good multi vitamin and also take aminos fish oils.

    I eat about 5-6 times daily. I TRY to get my bodyweight in protein a day. I have been training/working out for years, but am coming off of an 8 month break (Tricep injury).

    I started out about 178-180... had the "Ab Belt O' Fat" i call it! LOL I wanted to get shreaded for summer... get my abs back.

    I know my body and the only way to best accomplish that for me is to lower my carbs big time. I am a carb-addict. LOL But have done a good job. 7-8 weeks later... i am about 163 lbs.

    PROBLEM IS.....

    How do i freakin gain lean muscle back!!! I keep loosing weight! But i am afraid of eating too many carbs. I do complex carbs in the morning (bowl of oatmeal.... complec carb shake... etc...).

    I then have about 60 grams of simple carbs immediately AFTER workout to spike my insulin and create that "anabolic effect" to drive the protien into the muscle.

    I REALLY am not intaking many carbs though. I would say thats about ALL the carbs i eat on a daily basis. MAYBE a handfull of vegies with a chicken dinner... but thats it.

    My abs are great... i am looking good.. BUT i can't gain mass in my chest/back/legs/etc. I am literally loosing a few pounds EVERY couple days!!!

    IS there some sort of "carb calculator" out there? I am not all that active a person. I dont do much cardio... (i can't imagine if i did.. i'd be like 130 lbs! LOL). My diet is good....

    Problem is i sometimes wake up late.... So my first meal might not be until 11:00 am.

    I am a waiter and work from 5:00 to 10:30. I usally consume a chicken breast.. then about 3 hours later.. maybe another one or a protein shake.

    How many carbs can sometime safely intake daily and NOT gain the "Ab Belt O' Fat"?!?

    I hear some people eating like 400 grams a day!!!?? I CAN gain weight pretty easily.... problem is.. i tend to gain fat easily aswell.

    I am gonna take 3-AD when it comes out... but i want to refine my diet now that i am at my "AB BUSTING OUT" stage! LOL

    I work out 5 days a week. Isolate a muscle group each day. I get good workouts. And i know my diet is GREAT for losing weight... but how do i now GAIN lean mass and NOT gain the fat? I KNOW it is a carb thing for me. I must find the right amount of carbs...

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help gents! I'd sincerely appreciate it!

  2. I just read this forum: - Hugo Rivera - Bulking Up Rules For The Natural Bodybuilder!

    It said i should consume about 248 grams of protein (6 meals of 40 grams or so....)

    And i can also consume around 248 grams of carbs (or more...)
    And that Half of those carbs should be split between Morning meal (around 62 grams in morning...) and Post workout (about 62 grams post workout...)

    The rest (about 122 grams or so) should be consumed throughout the day.

    Does this sound right? Or will i gain my "Ab Belt O' Fat" again?! LOL

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