Macro and calorie intake?

  1. Question Macro and calorie intake?

    I understand good foods vs. bad foods and foods that are more likely to keep you in an anabolic state, but how do i figure out how many calories i should intake a day?

    i'm 160 pounds. 5'11'' and virtually no body fat. i am in baseball season but want to retain my gains from the off season and even put on more strength/size. what would my macro/calorie intake be? or how would i figure it out? and what is macro?

  2. BMR=66 +(13.7 x weight in kgs)+(5 x height in cm)-(6.8 x age)
    1 pound= .45kg
    1 inch= 2.54cm

    Got that number.
    Multiply(x) 1.55 if you workout 3-5 days(most common)
    Multiply(x) 1.725 if you workout 6-7 days and are very active.

    3500 calories= 1 pound.
    Add 500 cals. a week to gain a pound, add 1000 to gain 2.

  3. Bmr?

    thanks for your help. what does BMR stand for?

  4. Basal Metabolic Rate.

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