Need Advice from everyone!

  1. Need Advice from everyone!

    lol, most of you would laugh at my diet. Its heavy and hard, and unhealthy. Im really trying to bulk up. I just realised that the 3 hot dogs I have for my pre workout (with a can of beans) contains 30 grams of fat!

    Thats about the only bad thing I eat, except for my coffee break meal (which isn't really a coffee break, I eat while I work, I just get too hungry) It consists of 2 stick of pepperonni and 1/2 a bag of baked chips. only 14 grams of fat.

    The rest of my food is healthy. Is there some sort of quick alternative I could add to my beans and also instead of pepporonni. The rest of my diet is clean and healthy.

    Here is my daily intake

    Cals - 4460
    Fat - 85g
    Carbs - 493g
    Protein - 236g

    Ive been doing this diet for about a month (I guess I wasn't eating quite this much before), and my weight has only been going up about 4 lbs, and I think its the creatine I started loading 2 weeks ago.

    Whats the deal here, I got checked for tapeworm and dont have it.

    I am 6' almost 21, and weigh a whopping 155 lbs, lol. Ive been training for a year, and started at 132 lbs. So thats 20 lbs of muscle. But, Ive been at the 150 for about 6 months, and cant go past, arrrgggghhh! My strength has still been going up though, WTF?!?!?

    during those six months I was doing 10 reps and 3 sets, with about 4-5 exercises 3 times a week. mostly ballistic, with slow negatives for the isolated movements. Lots of deadlifts, bench press, and squats. 1.5 hour workouts.

    A few weeks ago, someone at the gym told me to keep it in the 4-6 rep range, and do 5 sets, which makes sense for bulking. He also said to go everyday, which I havent done yet, still on the 3 day week. Also, he said to keep all the positives slow and controlled, instead of ballistic.

    I also decided cut down the workout time to about a 45 min - 1 hour workout.

    What do you guys think? Go with the latter?

  2. first off I would reccomend nailing in your diet (specificly your pre and post work out meals.) For pre workout definitely drop the hot dogs and go with some whey mixed with skim milk, the beans arent too bad (a little high in salt) but if possible try to switch to some oats or something along those lines. Same goes for post workout but you didnt mention what your currently doing.

    As far as your macro break downs I would say try and up the protein intake a bit and see if that helps with the lack of muscle you have been seeing. Your diet is the biggest part of putting on muscle so what I suggrst is putting up exactly what you are eating every day.

    As far as training goes I would suggest running a search in the exercise form and check out different routines. Theres one near the top about peoples favorite routines so thatd be a good place to start.

  3. Yes I would follow that routine of low reps but make sure to OVERLOAD your muscles. and cut down on sets. do about 1 warm up, 1 moderate and 2 HEAVY sets. And deff. keep your workout under an hour.

  4. OCCFan,

    My pre workout is a can of beans with 3 hot dogs lol. Maybe I should just have a can of beans with a protein shake. That or, I just bought a rice cooker today!! So I can have a bunch of brown rice with a protein shake, that sounds really healthy.

    Im allergic to oats, wheat and dairy.

    My post workout is a protein shake, then an hour later dinner. I was mixing in dextrose with my shake to up the high GI carbs, but, I find it makes me feel full for too long (like 2.5 hours) But the rice milk I mix it with should do the trick, cause 1 cup has 24 gs of carbs.

    BTW, I use Soy protein isolate. I know ive heard rumours about estrogen and ****. But ive made more gains from this than whey isolate (seeing as I can't absorb it), and Ive been using it all these years.

    RoidRagex10, I like the sound of that workout. What about doing it everyday except saturday and sunday?

  5. You can but 3-4 days is more ideal. 2-3 days can be cardio (even though bulking). Stick to the basic exericsies for chest and biceps. Incline, Decline and Flat DB and BB Presses. For bicep, do standing straight bar and alternating DB curl. Make sure to go down twice as slow as you did on the way up.

    I used that routine yesterday and WOW did my biceps get worked.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CarterMalone View Post

    Here is my daily intake

    Cals - 4460
    Fat - 85g
    Carbs - 493g
    Protein - 236g

    What do you guys think?
    IMO (b/c it works for me) Cals should be around 3,500 to 4,000 once a week or so
    fats 100 to 120
    carbs 320 to 350
    protein 300 to 370

    Cut the crap out. you say its not bad for you but its not good either. your getting nothing out it as compared to a real meal. theres a typical laundry list of bodybuilding foods to choose from to put these macros together. you say your allergic to certain things so it may be a little more difficult. All it will take is about 2 hours of sitting down, reading labels and putting a plan together.

    Beer as a pre wo meal....nice. haven't done that since college when it was beer and any other substance i could find....


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