question about body fat percentages

  1. question about body fat percentages

    If I have 15% body fat and 85% muscle and I weigh 158 what should i do differently?or is that around average

  2. hey you got the same name as me but how tall are you

  3. Im around 6'0" but i wasnt sure if i was underweight or around average im about to start bulking and getting bigger i just didnt know where to start

  4. i wouldnt think you'd be near 15% bf if you are around 6 ft and only weigh 158lb.....START BULKING....just my two cents

  5. just start eating some clean foods like chicken,tuna,93% lean ground beef....stuff of that nature, and eat every 2-3 hours, start taking a mullti vitamin if you dont already, and get some bcaa's...if that doesnt work, then look into some supplements that help with bulking

  6. Drink cream


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