Fast metabolism just cant bulk Help!!

  1. Fast metabolism just cant bulk Help!!

    Hey everyone

    Im Yash, and i need some help.

    As of now my stats are:
    Height: 5'5, Weight: 130,
    Arms: R 14.5 L 14.5 Chest: 38 Bench max 210

    Ive been trying for a while to put on mass. As you can tell from my stats i can put muscle but i have a fast metabolism and have a hard time putting on mass. Does anyone have any ideas on maybe some good workouts for mass or exercises in general or, and nutritional ideas to help put mass?

    Well i train 5 days a week
    Day 1: Chest and Bis
    Day 2: SHoulders and Tris
    Day 3: Back and Core
    Day 4: Legs
    Day 5: Cardio/Core

    My diet is as follows

    6:30AM:2 egg whites, 2 pieces of toast, 1 bowl of oatmeal, and 1 glass of orange juice
    8:00: 1 pbj sandwich and 1/2 cup almonds
    10:30: balance bar, and 1 cup of cereal(usually cherrios)
    12 1pbj sandwich
    1:45: lunch: 8oz chicken and 1 cup pasta, or 1 cup veggies
    3:30: SuperPump
    4:00-4:45: Lift

    6inner: 8oz chicken or 10 oz steak, with potatos or veggies

    10: Protein shake Muscle Milk 32 grams of protein

    Im not sure what my calorie intake is, but as you can see im tryin to stuff as much food in as possible. Im still in school so its hard to work out a strict diet. Also im taking an EMT class which on Mondays and Weds. stops me from eating from 7-10. Do you have any ideas about how i can change my diet? Or and other suggestion? If you have any other question let me know

    Also im on Super Pump 250 and Activate,

  2. It is because you don't eat enough throughout the day. For example, your breakfast only has about 10g of protein. Add more food to your diet with an emphasis on lean protein (at least 130g/day) and low GI carbs.

  3. keep youre cardio to a minimum, and you need to just about double the amount of food you are eating. And you need to get more protein in.

    Shoot For:
    250g Protein
    300g Carbs
    100g Fat

    Something like that, because the faster youre metabolism, the more you need to eat.


    Take rest days, I would structure youre workout to allow for more rest days (one on, one off)

  4. pb and j is not a good meal at all.. get some tuna or chicken with the pb and j(hopefully natural pb and all fruit jelly) u need to up ur protein big time

  5. Train 3 days a week, with some light cardio, emphasize the big multi joint, compound movements, such as squats, deadlifts and bench press. What you need right now is food plain and simple. Try 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fats, and start at 20calories per lb of bw. So your lookin at

    3100 calories
    310 carbs
    310 protein
    69 Fat

    Start with that a see how you make out if your still not gaining ass then up calories by 100 a day till you start to gain, it's as simple as that.

  6. track calories. Add 500 every week until you start to gain 1-2 lbs a week.

  7. yeah man just really eat like a horse, as already mentioned eat every 2-3 hours with each meal consisting of 25-30g or protein. And often overlooked when bulking is the importance of carbs... both simple and complex. Stuff down those potatoes, rice, pasta etc. If you are gaing more then 2.5 pounds a week then cut down a LITTLE because gaining over 2.5 pounds a week means you are putting on to much fat.


  8. looks like your need more protein when you wake up, as others have mentioned.

    Also, try working out only 3 days a week, with shorter workouts (1 - 1.5 hours) . Keep it in the 6 rep range, with 4-5 sets.

    Split up your meals so you have 6 big (proper) meals a day, instead of 3 meals and a bunch of snacks throughout the day.

    And when I say proper I mean chicken and rice at your lunch, no stinkin sandwich. A rice cooker, bulk chicken breasts, and tupperwear containers are a bodybuilders best friend. makes enough brown rice for your coffee break, lunch and pre workout meal the next day.

    Eat a ****load of oats, eggs, and ground chicken or turkey in the morning. If you are eating dinner at 6:00 pm, you should have another meal at 8:00 pm, consisting of a piece of chicken, and rice. then continue your protein after bed.

    Your stomach will stretch, and you will notice that you will be able to out eat anyone after a month of this diet.

    Monday - Chest, shoulders, triceps

    Tuesday - Back, Biceps, Forearms

    Friday - Quads, Hams, Calves.

    Makes sure you do Bench press monday, deadlift tuesday, and squats friday. You can do light cardio on the days inbetween, but if you are lifting that heavy in that rep and set range, trust me, you wont want to for a while, lol.

    Now, devise me your new diet plan, and try out that new workout for a month and let us know how you feel.

    I also have a fast metabolism too, but in a year I went from 132 to 155. I found probably the best supplement I could have took was HMB, it helped me keep my weight when I went to bed, because I was always losing when going to sleep.


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