how far above maintenance...

  1. how far above maintenance...

    calories should one go who is trying to "Lean Bulk." I have heard different things, such as: 500 cals above, 200 cals. I am basically just trying to get a consensus of what most people do who are striving for the ever infamous lean bulk.

    Right now I am developing my diet and I am trying to get all the macros in order...Any feedback you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Start out at either 200-500 calories above maintence and then you adjust from there. Its not an exact science and differs from individual to individual so monitor your gains in with measurments and the mirror. If you feel your gains are sloppy reduce the amount of calories or adjust the macros.

  3. alright thanks a lot. That makes sense.
    Armed to the teeth.

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