im 16 and tryin to get big help me pleasei need advice

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  1. All good advice.

    I found what helped me in the early days was to over eat at every meal. When I was full I would force myself to eat a little more.

    That and 20 rep squats.

    Your young and probably have loads going on in your life. Keep it simple eat loads of good food, stick to the big basic exercises (squats, deadlifts, press, rows). Do that for 2 or 3 years consistantly and you will be amazed where you find yourself.

    Oh, and erm... Enjoy it!

  2. At your age, you can afford to eat like crazy. But if you're like me when I was your age, you'll have to learn to steer clear of the crappy processed foods. Get enough protein in your diet!

    EAT MOM'S COOKING! You won't have that luxury forever...LOL

    The whole idea of cracking growth plates when lifting too young is BS. You'd have to pretty much give yourself a hernia to do that.

    Remember, when lifting don't try all the advanced techniques for building muscle that you read in every magazine. It's of no help to most people. Stay on track with the tried and true exercises that are as simple as possible. They always have, and always will stimulate the most muscle growth. (i.e. Bench Press, Squats, Curls...etc.) Don't forget to throw some pushups, pull ups, and situps in there a couple times a week too, they will help tone your stabilizer muscles.

    Good luck bud! You can PM me anytime you'd like. I'll steer you in the right direction.


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