Need some pointers from the veterans

  1. Wink Need some pointers from the veterans

    well here is my situation i am 21 and have been working out for about 1.3 years. I am 5'9, when i started i was about 135-145, about 3 months after i started i jumped up to about 165 170. i have been there ever since i eat about 3000-3500 cals a day. i get about 200-300 grams of protien. i am definately a ectomorph. my training split is
    mon-chest bi's
    wed-cardio abs
    thurs-shoulders, tris

    please give me any critiques or ideas i am still learning but do alot of reasearch on my diet.
    also how true and effective is it to consume sugar after a workout and how much should i consume

  2. also i eat alot of whole grain pasta with red sauce how bad is the 13 grams of sugar in it?

  3. Cut your training down to 3 times a week.
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  4. ok doing what on which days please explain

  5. Chest/Shoulders/Tri's on Day 1
    Back/Biceps on Day 2
    Legs on Day 3

    Are you getting those 3000-3500 cals in six meals evenly spaced throughout the day?

  6. yes i am getting between 6- 7 meals a day i eat small meals every 2 hours can you explain what i should do for the exercises how many sets for each body part should i do lower reps than 10-12.

  7. What rep pyramid do you do? I do 10,8,6 and similiar to the 3 day workout above, I'm dead tired afterwards.

  8. its hard to do a 3 day because i work out at my school and there is always so many people there that it takes me forever should i just do like 3 exercises per body part? thanks for everyones help keep giving me ideas and thoughts

  9. my reps are usually 10-10-8 but depends on the exercise


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