Calories on rest day

  1. Calories on rest day

    Hi I was wondering what your suppose to do to calories on rest day? I've heard 3 things: Leave them the same, decrease them and increase them. Does anyone know?

  2. well those are the only three options out there I think

    I like to decrease a bit on off days as you dont need the same amount of calories you would on a lifting day. However I dont like decreasing them a significant amount because remember even though you didnt lift on that day your body is still growing, repairing, and recovering from the prior day and it still needs nutrients to do so. How much you want to take off is up to personal preference but more importantly trial and error and what your body responds to. Every one is unique man and you gotta find out but a good starting point would be 250-300 cals lower than you do on your normal lifting day.

  3. Ive always found that if I dont make a conscious effort to eat a lot, I eat almost nothing. When I do, however, I always seem to recover faster and reduce DOMS pretty effectively. I think it helps with recovery a lot to keep a steady intake, but I think Ill say that it kind of depends on your goals.

  4. I eat more on my off days. Less on workout days to tap into fat, more on off days to recover and reload, so to speak. I've done it inversely, didn't see as good of recovery results.

  5. I try to eat a bit more on off days too. I figure: "I'm taking a break from the gym to recover, so might as well make sure my body is getting enough fuel to grow properly so I will be ready to go in the gym next time"

    Works for me...



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