Alright boys i need your expertise

  1. Alright boys i need your expertise

    I love fitness. Im very new to it, but ive fallen so in love with it im studying to become a personal trainer. I start my course in a few months. But its a fast tracked course, Cert III and IV in 8 intense weeks.

    Im only 175 odd pounds and im 6'2". 8 weeks isnt gonna be enough for me to get nice and big so my clients will be excited to train with me. So obviously i need to put on some decent muscle in the 3 months i have before the course.

    More about me- ectomorph, 18 years old, 6'2", not new to training, 77kg, current diet is oppurtunistic- nothing set in stone or solid.

    So basically i need help in coming up with a simple, easy but effective diet. I am fine with the training side of things- i have a 4 day split with emphasis on compound movements, especially squats deads dips benches etc. Rep range is low and heavy.

    Diet is my real weakness. Ive always tried to keep a decent diet with whatevers on hand. Now i know i just need a plan and stick to it.
    So i need some help

  2. oh and besides creatine and whey, im going natural.
    Also, i will employ a weight gain shake- homemade one
    3/4 cup of oats, 2 cups of skim milk, 1 tbs flaxseed oil, one bannana, cup of low sugar/fat yogurt, two scoops of whey.

  3. get with Bobo at You'll gain the cleanest and most weight possible in 3 months for sure. As i'm learning bulking is more than eating massive amounts of calories everyday, you need to change it up all the time, some days less, some days more...and there's some grand reason behind it. Alls I do is follow the diet and excersise plan and the rest takes care of itself. Its bright and early now and I just went to the scale on an empty stomach. I've gained 4/5 #'s in 2 weeks and an 1" around my chest already on the program, Au' nat-urrr-ahl.

    How many of those shakes are you going to eat a day? I get the feeling that weight gain shake isn't going to cut it if you want to bulk up a bit....fat is good my friend..see Bobo.

  4. ill use the shake in conjunction with a meal plan which i hope people on this board can help me out probably once on non workout days and twice on workout days

  5. Being a personal trainer and having some expertise in nutrition is a great combination.

    Get with Bobo and FLA...I think it will help you personally and will end up ultimately helping your clients down the road...

  6. bobo all the way.

  7. how many clients does bobo take at once

  8. Quote Originally Posted by quigley View Post
    how many clients does bobo take at once
    He's still taking clients. Everyone can feel the tremors through cyberspace when he longer takes clients. Just sign up.


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