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  1. Hard Gainer

    I am 24 yrs old, 186lbs, 5'10", 17% bf. This question goes out to all the other hard gainers out there. I am a hard gainer. My metabolism is still very fast. I snowboard, skateboard, and workout. I have a pretty active lifestyle. I have been trying to get up closer to 200lbs. I had some assistance to get from 153lbs to my current weight. I have been eating a lot of food, but my body fat has gone up a lot. I want the weight but not the bf %. I know I shouldnt eat red meat as often as I do (2-3 times a week), but it seems to work. I live in FL on the gulf of mexico so seafood is a plenty. Does anyone have any recomendations for a newbie trying to clean his bulking diet up?
    Here is a quick break down of stuff I usually eat:
    Morning - 6 egg whts with 1 slice of low fat cheese and olive oil. Some wheat toast. I usually drink a large glass of 2% milk.

    Chicken sandwiches on wheat with cheese, lettuce, tomato. I try to eat fruit with lunch but I tend to grab a protein bar here and there.

    Steak 10 - 12 oz with potatos, more milk, low fat mac and cheese. Usually some bread (garlic or regular).

    Snacks through out the day
    Granola bars and gatorade and the occasionally piece of fruit.

    I also take in about 100g of protein from shakes.
    I havent really kept track of the actually calorie intake, but it definately feels like a lot.

    Thanks for helping me out guys/gals

  2. Soy has high protien count and low fat. That will help keep muscle while cutting the fat down. Try to add some soy to your diet.

  3. cut

    Hey man one thing you may try is cutting out the 2% milk and going to the non fat. It has the same amount of protien but no fat. doesnt taste that great but its a start. im kind of having the same problem as you. Im trying to gain LEAN body weight. Jus tfocus on the good carbs. always and only eat wheat bread. I also find that jumping on the eliptical 4-6 times a week helps cutting unwanted fat w/out causing muscle loss. Just do it at a moderate level just to get ur heart rate elevated. Also you need to start counting calories i know it sucks and its a pain but you dont realize how much ur eating till ya start counting. other than that just eat GOOD carbs and lean protien.

  4. As a fellow hard gainer I believe that slow and steady wins. We tend to build muscle more slowly; from my experience, forcing the issues by cranking up the calories just adds more bodyfat. So maintain a 'smaller' daily surplus of calories (say 300-500) and be patient. On the plus side we tend not to put on as much fat so you should not have to do as much cutting as 'easy-gaining' endomorphs.

    You are already tracking your diet somewhat. The next step is to use some diet tracking software (like fitday.com) and count calories and macros. Make a starting diet, test drive it for a couple weeks, then adjust as necessary.

    FWIW I don't see a problem with red meat. As long as you are getting some omega-3's as well, it should be ok.
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    chicken breasts are your friend...and looks like you need more low GI carbs in your diet.....definatly at breakfast (depending on how many slices of wheat toast you actually eat in the morning)

  6. I would also try out tuna fish in the cans. You get over 30 grams of protein per can and only about 3 grams of fat. You could also add a protein bar somewhere in your diet too. Something that has worked for me is a low carb protein shake just prior to bed. Good luck man.


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