cutting/bulking up

  1. cutting/bulking up

    Hello All
    I am a first time poster here. My question is this. I am currently deployed to iraq, will be here for a year. I have plenty of time to work out. Im 6'2 about 218 and have a terrible time cutting and bulking up. I came across novedex xt which after researching sounds like just what I need, tons of testosterone to get my body going. However, even though its not a "steroid" i have heard you need to PCT with this and I'm also afraid of gyno. As you can see, I don't know a whole lot about this but would really like to get into it.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. apologize

    I realize terminology is key. I used the word cutting when really I just meant to get cut. Can someone just give me a good plan to get in really tip top shape prior to going home on my midtour in August. Thanks in advance, I am willing to try anything if it works.

  3. There is some good info in current active posts about what foods people use to bulk, plus I just read a great shake recipe. Look around at that stuff. Also go onto and start logging your food in there, that way you can see what exactly you are taking in. if you have all this time to work out I think you should just hit the gym hard and hit your diet harder!!
    Good Luck!

  4. thanks i guess your right.....motivation is key

  5. There is still plenty of things you can take that are absolutely safe. I would take some sort of creatine (esterfired) is what i prefer. That way you keep the bloated look minimal. Also up your protein intake and try to get around 6 meals a day. You want around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. As far as the novadex goes its a pretty good product. No pct is needed and it shouldnt cause gyno. I would personally use rebound reloaded though, good gains in strength and body recomp came from this. Good luck bro.

  6. Thanks man still deciding, if i had more people tell me stuff like that regarding the novedex and rebound i would probably try it. Maybe i still will anyway

  7. I love rebound reloaded, but novedex is not a bad choice either. they would be a great addition to any workout regimen. Good luck man

  8. i had used Novadex as a pct after a cycle of SD it worked really well not only did i keep my gains from teh sd but i also continued to gain muscle while on it...ive heard rebound is a really good producta aswell both should work well

  9. Make Sure Ur C/o Won't Piss You Cause You Can Get Canned For Using Gear If You Have A Officer That's A Anti Drug Warrior.


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