Bulking Foods??? Help!

  1. Cool Bulking Foods??? Help!

    I want to bulk up and i've heard that food is the best supplement to gain mass...So what foods are the best foods? Good fats, good carbs, high protein foods? Please name your best foods....thanks!

  2. Try to stick to solid foods except Post workout. Good foods for bulking are lean beef, eggs, whole milk, sweet potatos, fiberous veggies, and nuts for healthy fats. Post workout go for a wheyshake with 50 grams protein and about 80-100 grams simple carbs.

  3. Eggs, Tuna, Brown Rice, Whole Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Cottage Cheese, Chicken Breasts, Steaks, Broccoli, Spinach, Whole oats, eggs and eggs

    [repition of foods was intentional]

  4. thanks guys for the info!! do you think a weightgainers is a good supplement to help bulk as well???

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mookie45
    thanks guys for the info!! do you think a weightgainers is a good supplement to help bulk as well???
    You're better off making your own because weight gainers contain bad sugers and calories.

  6. Weightgainers are great for gaining weight, and bad for gaining muscle.

  7. Everything said so far is dead on. Regarding the weightgainer, Ive kinda made my own by mixing the following:

    Cytogainer Chocolate / Dymatize Whey - Cafe Mocha / Flax Meal from Giant Nutrition.

    I used an old container and added 4 scoops of cytogainer, 4 Whey, and then 1 Flax Meal, over and over till full..it makes for a decent looking MRP when in a pinch, and it only costs like $1 per 300 calorie serving (2 scoops).
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  8. I use my work out maxmizer and I gain nicely.


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