weight gain...

  1. weight gain...

    im kinda new to this but i decided to bulk up alittle...ok im 6'0 160lbs.. i bought some Sizeon creatine, Natural Whey, BNS Sytha-6, 2 Methyl 13-C, and some Pro-Vaso NO2...im going to the gym 5 days a week for about a week now and see little results, i mean i gained a couple lbs and look a little bigger, but maybe im doing something wrong. heres a schedule of my day and what kinda food i bought at the store.

    Morning-4 eggs and 2 peices of whole wheat tst./ 2 NO2
    Mid-day-BNS shake, banana, and 2 peices of Wheat bread
    Lunch- Salad/chicken sandwich
    Pre-workout- 1 hour B4 PB+J and 15 min B4 3 Mythel
    Post workout-whey shake w/ oats and egg, peice of white bread
    Dinner- Chicken/Whole wheat pasta,veggies and a swt or backed potato
    Before Bed- 2 NO2,triscuts and cottage cheese and Sizeon creatine

    Any and all help would be appreciated and maybe someone could make a workout schedule for me.

  2. well i have some comments
    that i know no2 products have to be taken on a empty stomach
    and i would take the size on prework out intead before bed

  3. how many total kcals is that, it didnt seem to be all that much but I cant tell for sure.

    my suggestions would be take in more protein prior to working out so rather than a pb and j try to take in a complex carb source and some protein powder in milk. Also for post workout drop the eggs as theres no need for them and the fat isnt desirable that time (the whey and oats are solid though.) Before bed I would drop the triscuits or if you really want to have a carb souce (which I personally dont do but if you do) try some oats as the nutritonal value (primarily the fiber) is more promiment.

    Also when you say your new to this the whole gym thing or do you mean planning out your food intake and such? Its a good start but with tweaking it can become perfect.

    And as far as the supplements the NO2 products do need empty stomach so try to take them a half hour or so prior to eating. And like Zombie said take the size on prior to working out rather than before bed.

    hope this helps a bit and good luck

  4. thanks guys for the input..i appreciate it..

  5. Also if anyone has any suggestions on what and when i should eat, that would be helpful..

  6. Yes things can be done to your diet but if you've only been bulking for a week and have noticed a few pounds gained and even noticed yourself looking a little bigger then you are making great improvements. You don't just put on 20 lbs of solid muscle in two weeks. I'd suggest getting a camera and taking progress pics so you can look back in 6-8 weeks and see the progress.

  7. Also it'd help if you would post your work out routine. I know you said your working out 5 days a week but what kind of working out? cardio? Lifting? If so are you working each body part everyday on a circuit? Are you focusing on a specific muscle on each individual day? More information would be helpful

  8. i just focus on certain body parts a day...like one day is chest, abs, tris, and calves, the next day ill do bi's, back, abs,and traps/lats. if i should do something diff. tell me..thanks guys.

  9. are you working the quads and hamstrings? It'd be easier to understand if you typed it out like

    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: legs

    So we have an idea on how often your working out each body part and how long your taking to rest specific muscle groups


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