Macfan is going for broke

  1. Macfan is going for broke

    The Story: My gourgeous (I mean GOURGEOUS) Asian persuasion broke up with me. She simply found somebody else.

    So I'm pi$$ed. Not at her but at myself, I look like $%it. I need to prove to her (cuz we are still friends) and to myself that I AM the ****..

    The plan: I'm doin a bulk&burn. I'm takin my usually caloric intake (which is pretty healthy) and nothing more and using my fat (or as I say "left overs") and my caloric intake to pump the H*ll outta some sets and reps.

    This time I WILL be the sight to behold not her. I'm on a mission.

    The help: I need you guys to help me think of ways to think positive and stay motivated. I'm workin on Body Builder photos being on my wall but I'd like to use everything I can get my hands on.

    (For those Christians out there) please pray that God feeds the need cuz I have a feelin in a few months I'm gonna need somethin I can't afford.. A gym membership..

  2. I just started talking to my ex again who just happens to be a smokin hot asian and i've real realized what a mistake i made breaking up with her, so I feel your pain. I'm already cutting but now i've got extra motivation to win her back. :bb2:

  3. Man,
    I hate to tell ya, but in my experience when a woman makes up here mind, there ain't no changing it.

    Regardless - good luck getting back into the swing of things!
    Kick some azz!

  4. I don't care if she comes back or not, I just want to have that swole man confidence all over again.

    But it would be kinna cool if she realised what a moron she was. cuz I'm a great guy on the inside and soon to be out.

  5. Good.
    That's the line of thinking I hoped you had (but wasn't sure with your first post).

    Knock one out the park bro!

  6. You eat and train hard and weekly visual results will be motivational enough to keep pumping up. You should want to change your body/lifestyle for yourself. Having others around complementing you is just a bonus!
    Keep post and reading here on your progress, etc. because we can be a bunch of motivational mofo's. Ha Ha
    Keep at it man and best of luck to you.

  7. Thats the kind of attitude that gets results. My motivation was a little different but both are powerful. Hit the gym and the supermarket hard and never look back.

  8. ohh ha. First update.

    I ripped through a few sets and about 25 Rep with lat pull down at 165 lb and I progressed down in weight from there and preacher curls at about 155 (I think can't remember) and progressed down from there as well.

    next day I was sore and I had that rock hard feeling back and the swolleness from the fluids around the muscles.

    Geez that combo felt good, even the soreness, I had forgotten how good that felt. Must do more but this is recovery day number 2. I'm kinna going on what a therapist said about my back (said it definately needed more strength or I'd have old Arther in my older age.). Once I get my back up to par with my pecs I'm gonna rotate between the two on the same day to get an even muscle structure.


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