Reaching a crossroads

  1. Reaching a crossroads

    Ive been lifting weights for some while now, most recently i used NO Xplode with Prolab N Large2 and my results are not what i was hoping for, sure i have got good strength gains but my mass gains are lagging behind. I train intensly with good form, eat as much as i can, but my training partner has got far superior gains with what looks like less effort, its very ****ing annoying, i was wondering if anyone could give me advice with either supplementation or if i should head down a different avenue?

  2. How is your diet? Are you perhaps over-training? Do you sleep enough? Etc.

  3. Diet is okay eat a lot of meats, protein etc, i train mon,tues, thurs, fri, saturday off because i have a game then back to mon! Get bout average 8 hours sleep a night..

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