Ok, I been training for years but just recently got serious. I know by body pretty well in the gym and I know how my muscles repsond to workouts. The problem is until recently I didnt realize how much more important it was to eat correctly to really get those mass gains. I thought I was eating good but after much research I found I was not at all eating enough. Now let me start by saying I have super slow metabolism, and Im slight Hypoglycemic where my body produces a bit to much insulin so I have to intake a bit more sugar then a normal person, usually orange juice. I started a on good solid bulk diet a month ago and eating about 250g of protein and consuming about 4000 calories a day. I was 214lb and in 4 weeks Im up to 221 pounds. My body fat % has increased from 16% to 17% , so i figure at least 3-4 pounds of that is fat and water if not more. Here is a sample of my daily diet. This is what I ate yesterday and it is about the same each day.

9am Wake up
9:15 am eat cup hot oatmeal with 8 oz orange juice, 8oz milk with protein

9:30 drink coffee, Im trying to quit but its hard

10:30 8oz milk with protein scoop, 25g

11:00 Workout for 1 hour

12:00pm post workout shake 25g protein, and serving of frozen lasagna, 330 calories, 19g protein.

2:30pm 8oz milk 25g protein shake

3:00pm the rest of my lasagna 330 calories, 19g protein

5:00 8oz milk 25g protein shake and a few chicken tenders

7:30pm cup of brown rice with chicken breast and chicken broth with a 8oz cup of milk and 25g protein shake.

9:30 8oz milk 25g protein shake

10:00 few chicken tenders

12:00 am 1 cup cottage cheese

I take a great multi vitamin and green tea and a very nice Total EFA fish oils also with creatine and nitrix.

As you can see I have a problem early in the morning , I wake up and im never hungry, I cant eat and then I end up drinking some orange juice and protein shake because I have to have some sugar or I will get the shakes from low blood suger and then a cup of coffee which kills my appetite. After my workout my appetite is usually going great and then I can eat all day. Not sure if this is clean enough foods though because I feel like I might be eating a little to much. Im not afraid of getting love handles while bulking, I understand I will have some fat gains but this is coming a little fast. But im more afraid of not getting enough calories carbs and protein to maximize my growth potential. Someone please help me It would be so very much appreciated for some tips and info, and thanks in advance.