my diet, please critique

  1. my diet, please critique


    wake up- breakfast shake 740/42g/113g

    Between class- sausage/egg/bread 415/20g/24g

    Workout/then post post protein shake
    (or sometimes another breakfast shake,
    but neither included in my total at end)

    before work- 1/3 burger and pasta 873/32g/27g

    break-bagel and PB 400/14g/53g

    lunch break- chicken and pasta 730/27g/36g

    after work/before bed ramen and tuna 630/18g/27g

    calories intake varies between 3500-4000 a day., sometimes i add little things, or cant finish the meal(rarely)

    but for consistancy, it equals roughly

    3788 calories, 167g protein and 280 carbs

    is that good? should i eat more? critique please

  2. What's your stats?

  3. No offense dude, but that diet is a little fubar'd.

    Now, all these suggestions are time-dependent, if you can't do them, that's cool. Everybody has different schedules, but here is my take.

    Meal 1:
    -Include some whole proteins, complex carbohydrates, and EFAs.
    -Possible choices:
    whole eggs/whites
    bagels/oats/flat breads
    natural PB/flax

    Meal 2/3
    -Try to have a complete Pre-WO meal, and duplicate this Post-WO. I usually go with about 80g Carbs, 35g Isolate.

    Meal 4
    -I usually try to time this meal 30-60 minutes after my first Post-WO meal. I use once again whole proteins, and whole grains.

    Meal 5/6
    -Repeat something similar to meal 4, with added EFAs/veggies for vitamins, minerals, etc.,

    Also, 3788 would not equal 167g Protein, and 280g of Carbs. Right now I am on 3727 with 377g Protein and 417g Carbs..

  4. do you try to emphasize on CARb meal, or Protein meal, at at different times of the day(control insulin spikes/levels)?
    i don't know **** about diet. I usually just count calories.
    i guess lot more protein and carbs is what i need too

    sorry, stats are 6 ft, 170lbs, bf around 7%.
    been training on and off for about 6 years, but most intensly for 2 years

    i used to be super athletic, ran a lot...but now i dont really care about being athletic. i want mass and strength.

  5. I actually distribute my Protein/Carbs pretty equally. Each of my meals ends up having about 60g of Complex Carbohydrates; save for breakfast which contains about 90g. I then try to vary my protein intake depending on what meal/time of day it is. A mix of slower/fast proteins in the morning, quicker Isolates Pre/Post WO, and then caseins are egg album during the later meals.

  6. take a look at my diet here .. not saying to follow it specifically but just to get an idea

    glen's diet


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