carb cycling diet..

  1. carb cycling diet..

    I have heard alot of good things about carb cycling diets and their ability to burn fat as well as keep lean mass and how they can be tweaked to either cut or bulk. I am currently doing a carb cycling diet which involves 3 days of low carb (100 carbs/day) for every one day of high carb (250-300 carbs/day) which seems to be very easy to follow. On low carb days my carb intake is in the morning and pre/post workout. Most of the meals involve fish/chicken/lean beef and fibrous veggies. I get around 300g protein on those days (I weigh 213-217 with out around 13% atm). The high carb day means I have a big cheat meal (usually eating out somewhere) and I eat good carbs for the rest of the day in accordance with my protein intake. It's easier to eat more protein on low-carb days than it is on high carb days due to the fact that high carbs kill your hunger. Has anyone else tried a diet such as this? How were your results? Swolecat's opinion on this type of diet? Any critiques out there?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. After years of floundering around from diet to diet, I finally found one that worked for me in carb cycling. Ill never "diet" any other way, unless science designs a pill you take and weight just dissappears. LOL


  3. I've ran Carb Cycling diet for last 2 years. It's the only diet I follow now. I hate counting calories and CC diet has always worked well for me. From your diet, I wouldn't advise a big cheat meal on High Carb days, just eat clean carbs + fruit and veggies in more of your meals.

  4. Yeah I understand, but I really not trying to lose weight on this diet, more like preserve as much muscle as possible while losing about 3-5% bodyfat to get me down to around 9%ish... Then I am going to cut carbs hard to prime for a big bulking cycle and hopefully will beable to be around 225 with around 11-12%..

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