Opinions on diet

  1. Opinions on diet

    Stats. 74.5" tall 238 lbs about 17%bf
    I have a job where I pretty much sit around for 11 hours a day and go sometimes (twice a week) without eating for 5 or more hours.

    Morning: .5 cup oats, 3 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 5 pieces turkey bacon

    Snacks: 1 chicken breast, .75 cup raw brocoli, .25 cup of walnuts (raw) I have 3 of these spaced out threw the day

    : Salad .25 cup milled flax seed 3 tbsp olive oil chicken breast

    : Pretty sensible lean meat with veggies sometimes fish

    Usually add more carbs to my meals on my days off. No particular amount just seems to happen that way. As far as the above I have been eating very close to that for the past year. I have gained some strength but I still don't feel like I am any where close to where I want to be. Rotating shift work screws my schedule up hard core though.

  2. Not enough carbs IMO for bulking. You have the .5 cup of oats in the AM and some carbs from the flax.

    Guesstimate for calories needed for bulking = 18 to 20 x BW = roughly 4500 kcals. Aim for 40% carbs (1800 cals or 450g of carbs).

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nitrox
    Not enough carbs IMO for bulking. You have the .5 cup of oats in the AM and some carbs from the flax.
    What he said. Carbs are protein-sparing. Since you're hardly eating any, a lot of that protein you're eating is probably getting burned for energy instead of being used for growth.

    Add 1/2 cup of oats to every meal... now you're talking.

    Detour Oatmeal bars are great for those periods when you're not able to eat a real meal. 30g protein (mostly whey), 58g carbs (mostly oats), and 12g fat. Plus they actually taste damn good.

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