Mild Bulking Cycle ..Please citique

  1. Mild Bulking Cycle ..Please citique

    I am planing a short but hopefully effective bulking cylce. Look to add anywhere from 5-12 pounds and strength.

    2-3 weeks before cylce -
    Milk Thistle 1000mg/Day
    Flax Oil 4 tbsp/day
    Hawthorne Berry 1000mg/day
    Saw Plametto 2000mg/day

    15 mg Phera Max
    continue pre cycle supps
    and add Vit C-2000mg/day and Vit B6 50 -100mg/day

    30mg Phera Max continue support supps

    post cycle therapy- Milkthistle 1000mg. And some kind of supp that will even me out agian, i need suggestions. Also i may be drug tested so i cant let my test levels get too high. Also does anyone know the detection time for 17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol...thanks

  2. Buy some cycle support for your supps, saves time and money.

    What is your age and weight? You could bulk 5 lbs or more in a month just by your diet and workout alone.

  3. Oh yea sorry, Im 21 yrs, 6'0 171. I have a very thin frame and have trouble putting on weight my whole life. I know i probalby dont eat as much a si should but when i do try to bulk i have a very good diet but i still cant seem to build muslce.

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