Gain endurance when bulking........

  1. Gain endurance when bulking........

    I have just got done bulking going from 165 to 205. I had to scrape and claw for every pound so I am very worried about keeping my weight up. I need to build my endurance up for football season next year so I have some time

    Should I:

    Focus on plyometrics and build endurance that way

    Focus on treadmill training ????

    Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

  2. all that weight is worthless if you're playing a sport and can't move .. do what you normally would do to prepare for the season .. chances are you'll lose more fat than muscle

    always remember your weight is meaningless no one looks at you and waits to find out your weight before they decide if you look good or not

  3. Thanks for the response glenihan. However I dont think that is what I am looking for. I never take my shirt off and could care less how I look to anyone. I just want to have more mass when playing. I am very strong for my size but playing Saftey I take on a lot of Guards who are all over 250 and some (not all) can move me with ease.

    I am just looking for a cardio program that will give me the endurance to not always gas out on the field.

    I am not worried about speed and quickness, it is more my ability to be on the field for a long series and still have the stamina to run someone down.

  4. gotcha that's a very fair point

    well from my playing days, football and rugby, running is what upped my endurance .. just doing it often

    sorry i don't have better advice lol

  5. As has been said on other threads..the best is to immitate the activity you will be doing. So for your sport you need to focus on stamina vs endurance. Hard bursts vs prolonged exertion. Things like wind sprints, some plyometrics for co-ordination, quickness/recognition drills and the immediate application of your strength/body weight. Some long term endurance is good but don't spend your time running laps when 40s are what they will be looking at when camp starts.

  6. are u playing in highschool or college bigblue??

  7. I am trying out for a minor league team near Chicago


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