ectomorph bullk

  1. ectomorph bullk

    Bodybuilding has increased my lbm from 170lbs to 205 in a a 9yr span, being an ectomorph I usually take a break from bulking to about 2-4mnths at a time. Now, I am thinking of bulking again the only problem is that this time Ive taken a 2yr break and remained in homeostasis of 200-205lbs since my last bulk were I weighed about 220-225lbs. I have always grown on eating more healthy fats low to medium carbs and high protein. Macros being roughly 40-30-40.
    My burden since my long break is my appetite just isn't there like it used to be. Also my strength lags and I know it is because of the lack of cals in my diet. I posses a fast metabolism. Someone even advised me to eat a selection of spicy foods of hot peppers in combo w/ my meals. Could someone advise a different method for bulking?

  2. Well you could try something like grub on to increases your appetite.

  3. 40-30-40 huh? .. 110? lol

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