40 lbs

  1. 40 lbs

    Hi fellows new to the forum and bulking.

    Anyway my boy just got recruited by a d-1 college for wrestling He is 18 yrs old 6-3 215 # 6% body fat . A top ranked High school wrestler.

    Here's the problem he is going to wrestle heavy weight in college the weight limit is 285 . If he can put on 40lbs over the next 12 months he will be very competitive at this weight because of his way above average speed. Keep in mind that he will running up to 5 miles a day when the season starts and with only a few months between it and the start of off season training. .

    Any help on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I failed math in high school, but that looks like he needs to gain 70 pounds to me, to make 285. Either way, 40 or 70, he's not gonna gain it in 12 months and maintain his speed, I mean he can gain it i guess, if he goes on the all mcdonalds diet and makes his own "supersized" movie, but it will be 90 percent fat, and he will be slower. He's not gonna gain 40 pounds of muscle in 12 months, not even pro bbers do that bro, even WITH all the gear.

  3. He can't gain 70lb in lean mass in that time frame, he could gain some of it in lean mass and the majority in fat if he really wanted to be at that weight in one year.

  4. The limit is 285 he's looking to get to 255 or 260 the kid put on 20lbs this year by lifting hard lots of protien shakes and a regular diet .

  5. 50lb is still unrealistic unless he's happy to let his bodyfat% go higher.

  6. shooting for as much weight as possiable and not getting over 9% body fat

  7. Staying under 9% the whole time and gaining 40 pounds in a year of muscle? In the words of George Bush, Nat ganna do at.

    He's better off getting better at his current or maybe next level up weight class.

  8. they would not recruit him as a heavy weight they would recruit him as a 189 weight class...

  9. There is no 189 weight class in college its 184 then 197. He was recruited as a heavy by his college coach. he weighed in at 220 tonight after dinner you guy's are clueless sorry I asked.

  10. Well since you said hes 18 they are assuming your not talking about anabolic steroids so that much weight in one year is pretty much impossible. The guys here are far from clueless...

  11. I wouldn't go to overboard with the weight gain, put on as much as possible without getting too fat, the first year is going to be a learning experience anyway. You can go from being undefeated 4years straight to getting your arse whipped regularly in college. 20lbs a year of muscle would be very realistic and every year he will be feeling like a new person. Another option would be to red shirt the first year, if he really wants to do well that would give him a year of experience and the opportunity to add some lbs.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Goobey
    There is no 189 weight class in college its 184 then 197. He was recruited as a heavy by his college coach. he weighed in at 220 tonight after dinner you guy's are clueless sorry I asked.
    Sorry, but most are not here to talk about wrestling weight classes in college. If you can bare through a few "clueless" questions the guys can get all of the info they need to answer your questions accurately. I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you and your son if you can manage some patience with our questions.

    If you think we're that clueless then why not go to his college coach that he was recruited by? If he was recruited with the intent of putting on size then the coach must have some sort of plan, right? Best of luck to your son.


  13. Thanks for the advice Basso I see you know about College wrestling. He will be red shirting but also wants to do well in the opens.

  14. stxnas,
    sorry for popping off but as you can tell from a few post above I was catching some static.

  15. These guys here know alot about putting on muscle so I would definitely listen to the advice given, 40lbs in one year is going to be a lot of fat, knowing the 1st year is going to be red shirted I would definitely not push the weight gain to much, those opens will give him some great experience win or lose and at 220-240 he'll feel like superman coming in at 260 the following year! As he gains weight his endurance will suffer but as he gains fat it will be twofold, so slow steady gains of muscle would be the most advantageous for wrestling! It will be hard to hang on to during the season also due to those brutal wrestling workouts (shudder) hard earned muscle will be easier to keep. Wish him Luck for me, Div 1?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Goobey
    sorry for popping off but as you can tell from a few post above I was catching some static.
    No problem Goobey. I was just trying to put it into context for everybody and possibly stop any flaming after you called the guys clueless...and honestly, many of us might be clueless about wrestling, but when it comes to the info that you seek...well, you have hit a gold mine...you just have to ask the right questions (and the titles that you give to threads can go a long way too).

    Again, good luck...and welcome to AM.


  17. Just tell him to eat because thats any wrestlers dream

  18. If hes a D1 wrestler and a freshman even if he puts on 40lbs. Theres a very good chance he will lost anywhere from 7~12 lbs. when they start. I have a few friends who were in for a rude awakeing when they got to college on how demanding it was vs. High school. I myself made the jump from Beeing an All-Star in High School to a role player my 1st year in college. U can not really compare high school sports practice to a college "job" so to speak.......Basso approach is the best slow and steady solid gains.

  19. Nothing like dear old dad pushing an 18 year old that hard for a year. parents like you are a waste of space.

  20. We don't have that type of deal going on my son asked me to find out all I could about Bulking. Just helping him out where I can .

  21. He's young so start him out on the basics - 5000-6000 calories is what he will need to start adding weight while running 5 miles a day - not gaining strength/ weight at that level up it 500 calories a week until he does

    40p/40C/20p is how I would start off - basic but sound - adjust according to how he feels and progresses - lots of fiber and good amount of dairy - Try to find some organic real milk (straight from the cow no hormones) in your area - A CAMPAIGN FOR REAL (RAW) MILK! - could be very beneficial. Hard work/ lots of food and patience and he will gain -

    Since he's going to a D1 - he should be talking to the coach/strength coach and they also should be giving him a plan of attack - if not he should request to talk to him and have them go over some plans

  22. thanks Pfunk47.....One question 40P/ I assume your talking 40 % protein 40C/ carbohydrates 20P ? another type protein?

  23. opps sorry - 40% protein/ 40% Carbs / 20 % fat

    Good fat too - olive oil, flax seed, natty PB, almond butter, fish oils, egg yolks, nuts, animal fats - steak etc., vit d milk

    He's a young man - his natty test production will be fueled by healthy fats


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