Favorite restaurant chain while bulking.

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  1. Here is my list:

    Country Buffet


    Olive Garden {all you can eat specials}

    Golden Corral

    Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza

    Athena {Great and plentiful Greek food}

    Crazy Buffet {This is the place where I had my first Sushi.}

    Red Lobster {all you can eat specials}

    Texas Roadhouse

    Ryan's {serve steak/seafood and other stuff but they are best known for their buffets in the south}

    White Castles {Damn, I miss Chicago}

    Pancake House {love pancakes}

    Hooters {eyecandy, food and a great bike hangout}

    Cracker Barrel {good home cook meals...nice servings}

    Cheesecake Factory {I always walk out with a doggy bag. I love their ribs and fries.

    Now the secret to keeping it clean at buffets----> Always carry hand sanitizer in your car. They come in different sizes or you can ask the cashier/waiter/clean up person for hand wipes. Now, you can enjoy your food, without the germs. Now, I know I earn some reps for that helpful hint.

  2. Panda Express, or any Chinese Buffet that you can find. Mmm good lord im making myself hungry.



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