i am currently a senior in high school, 17 years old. i started bodybuilding last year and i have to tell you that it has turned into my life. there is no greater feeling than staring at yourself in the mirrorr and seeing how much your body has progressed and even envisioning how much more it will. Basically, the first year of training I made the solid gains all beginners make, while not realli calculating the calories, grams of carbs/protein/fats etccc....
but as the year came to a close, i realized that bulking would be my life until the early months of may/june when i would start cutting (so that by the heart of the summer i would be able to show off all that hard work). i consulted many sources and found that a 45/35/20 carbs/protein/fat ratio diet would suffice for my bulking needs. i am 6'1' and therefore i feel that in order to look big i will need to be around 210-220 lbs. I am currently 185lbs and i have managed to calculate the exact grams throughout the day and each meal i should be having of each macronutrient. it is as follows: each meal 53 g protein/68 g carbs/ roughly 13 g fat. that equals about 318 g protein/408 g carbs/78 g fat throughout the dayyy. these amounts fulfill the ratio i mentioned before and equal the 3600 calories per day i need to make gains. i kno some people say u should not even look at the numbers and just eatt, i find it better to knoo a rough estimate of how much i should b having each meall.... following will be a daily log of what i eat ... if anyone could give me any advice or criticizeeee my diet, it would b greatly appreciateddd. because the times are almost never set in stone thanx to f**kin school =/ i will just be telling WHAT i eat nd not the times....

(the reason i eat long grain brown rice so0 much is because the one KRAFT makes has exactly the amount of carbs i need each meal (68)

meal 1 - 1 cup of long grain brown rice/1 tbsp smart balance peaut butter/6 egg whites & 1 whole egg

meal 2 - 1 can of tuna/1 cup long grain brown rice

meal 3 - 200 g grilled chicken or rib eye steak/1 cup long grain brown rice/1 tbsp olive oil

meal 4 - 6 egg whites & 1 whole egg/1 cup oatmeal/1 slice of multi grain bread (post workout)

meal 5 (post workout) 1 serving of CELL TECH creatine (75 g carbs) nd then 30 minutes later 2 scoops of nitro tech protein (40 g of protein)

meal 6 (before bed)- half a can of tuna/1 scoop of 100 % OPtimum Casein/1 cup long grain brown rice

this diet is so0o0o0o repetitive, but i like to follow the guidelines of grams these foods have close to the exact amount i need each meal.

the supplements i take are as follows
animal pak multi
bulgarian tribulus - (i onli take this testosterone orientated supplement because early in april i f**kd around with tbomb 2 and i could not performmm sexualllyyy hahahah...shudda readd tha f**kinn age requirement =[)
cell tech
nitro tech
optimum casein
optimum amino acids 2222

also, i have heard so0 many different view points on how to workout to BLOW UP nd get HUGEEE...
is it HIgh volume/high reps OR high volume/low reps?