progress checkup

  1. progress checkup

    is gaining an inch to my unflexed bicep in 5mths good(1.5mths solid trainging, the rest sporadic). my weight in general has gone up at least 15lbs(up to 260 currently) chest, shoulders, back, legs, tris all have gained in size. i train mostly for strength so i assume i could gain more size if i focused on hypertrophy. but my strength keeps going up and until i plateau i just cant seem to switch my routine. right now i train 5x5 method hitting every bodypart 2x/week. just today started taking cee, really could tell the difference. anyways everything seems well, just wanted opinions on my progress.:bb2:

  2. very nice progress bro. if you feel like your leveling off then i would change the days you train each bp. i usually change my routine every 3months.

  3. correction, i had them re measured and i have gained 3inches in 5months. first time i did it my self with some string, guess i got it wrong. today they were 17.25 unflexed.

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