question bout cutting cals.

  1. question bout cutting cals.

    im 212. 6'2 about 12% body fat... my daily intake is about 4800 cals. which 45/carbs.35/protein/20 fat.. im eating around 370 grams of protein a day.. what would happen if i lower my calorie intake , and carb intake , but mantain my protein .. would i loose muscle , cut ?

  2. any time you are in a calorie deficit, muscle loss is possible. How much or how little depends on how severe of a deficit, your training, presence of anabolics, and probably some genetics as well. However if you want to get to lower bf% than that is what you have to do. Reduce calories carefully, going only as low as you need to slowly drop weight, and keep your training HEAVY, reducing volume if necessary.

  3. up your protein to 40-45% but your carbs to 30-35% - fat stays the same - about 3500 cals would be ideal for you to cut.

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