Bulking: Endomorph Style

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    Bulking: Endomorph Style

    What are some things you fellas do as an Endomorph to keep fat gain to a minimum and maximize muscle growth.. Ive just spent a great time cutting and am starting to bulk shortly. I plan on going the 40/40/20 route at about 3000 calories to begin and working my way up to around 4400 slowly.. Any suggestion/comments/links?
    I am 220, 6' 4'' 14-15% BF

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    Determine your bmr, add 500 cals onto that and monitor your gains (muscle and fat) and go from there. If you start adding too much fat cut back cals, and if your not gaining enough muscle for your likeing bump up the cals.

    That or hire Bobo (Fla Nutrition)

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