question bout fat in a bulking diet

  1. question bout fat in a bulking diet

    i plan my diets on and im bulking up right now i weigh bout 212 , 13 % body fat and im on a cycle of masterdrol. my diet is about 4800 cals.. which have 67 grams of fat , 310 grs of protein and about 740 of carbs . do you think its ok or should i try to eat a little more .

  2. IMO your fat intake is too low and also you should add in some extra protein. I am not sure what exactly that break down is of p/c/f (60/30/10 ?) but that is some seriouse carbs. I guess your tailoring to a higher diet for the masterdrol but I cant really offer adivce rtegarding this as I have no idea about it...

    I would bump the fat intake up to 100-110g a day coming from flax, oily fish, almonds, ect... And also bump up the protien intake up a bit to 1.6-2 grams of protein per lbs of bw instead of the current 1.4.

    As far as keeping the carbs the same just watch to see if you start putting on too much fat for your likeing and if so cut back on some of the carbs.. but I dont see it being a problem (trial and error)

  3. I think for his size now, the fat intake is okay, too much fat and you will put on fat, we dont like fat now do we ? After all every gram of fat is 9 cals

    EDIT- I think you should be at these levels for a bulk with minimal fat gain:

    protein-42 %

    This would make you put on mass faster and not have to worry about fat gain, alot of people use too much fat and then wonder why they look soft and have to severely cut afterwards. Good fats are good for you but only in moderation! and I would have lower cals on off training days, so a cycle then that is about 300-500 cals less on off days. No carbs after 8-9 pm. Call me when your done lol
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  4. Yea thats true. Only reason I suggested a little more flax or healthy fats is that Im at 185 atm and taking in 66g of fat and 80 on leg day (aa extra leg cals ) If he did up the intake I would just suggest keeping a close eye on waist level and mirror.

    I also misread the question I thought you were asking how you could bump up your cals because you werent gaining, you were just asking about how it looks. How have the results been?

  5. the results with that diet have been great bulking wise , ive gone from a 202 lb to 213.6 , but yeah u have to give credit to the masterdrol its my third week.. what i have notice is any fat loss from my stomach and oblique area. but o well ill just pla around with the diet and with cardio se what works better for me .. but thanks anyways

  6. You waist is going to gain size while using masterdrol.

  7. I find that modulating my carbs is the best way to control bodyfat. Fat is needed for test production also, remember. I personally would NEVER drop my fat intake below 20% of my daily total cals. It must be the right kind of fats, however.

    40/30/30 for me during a bulk.


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