Muscle Math

  1. Muscle Math

    Ok, I need a math check.
    Sept. 2005 151 lbs, 5 percent fat - so that's 7.55 lbs fat.
    Now, 169 lbs, 11 percent fat - that's 18.59 lbs fat.
    The difference is 11.04 lbs fat, and the total difference is 18 lbs.
    Does that mean that for all of that hard work and clean eating I've only put on about 7 lbs of muscle? Damn it!

  2. Or it means the beginning measurements or ending measurements or both were off giving you false numbers. What does the mirror tell you?

  3. Yep, that's possible Jayhawk. I am definitely bigger (not just fatter -- thicker lats, traps, chest, quads etc.) than I was, and I can still see my abs -- but I have been using the same scale throughout.

    I'm not even saying I'm disappointed in the results in terms of strength increases, appearance, and how I feel. It's just that if my math is right, that was a tough won 7 lbs.

  4. The numbers are off. It sounds like you gained mostly lean mass if you're still seeing abs and you see thickness. That's all that matters.

  5. Well it's not all that matters if he has got his diet and training tight,but maybe you weren't 5% bodyfat and you didn't put as much fat on as your saying?

  6. Jayhawkk/AllInOneBottle--

    Yeah, I do fall into the lazy habit of taking the scale (and it's body fat function) as gospel even though I'm well aware of the limitations/variability in its results. I was pretty lean last summer -- running and biking a combined total of 8 or more hours a week, but if I was actually say 6% then and 10% now instead of the 5% and 11% that the machine reports, well that's a few more lean pounds right there.

    So, quality of data aside -- the math IS correct in my original post, right? There's not some basic error that you see is there is there?

  7. Okay allononebottle, tell me how the %'s would make any difference otherwise?..

    Yeah, your math is right.

  8. Well if he was originally a higher bodyfat in September '05,let's say 8%,and now is 11% like he said.Wouldn't that mean less fat has been put on and more muscle?

  9. That's why I said if he's looking in the mirror and the changes he sees are good ones, it is all that really matters. He can see abs while noticing gains in his muscle.

    If your waist stayed the same and you could see your abs and your arms and chest got bigger(muscular). What would mean more to you? some % or how you and others see you?

  10. True yer,I understand what you mean by the look in the mirror and that's all it goes by in Bodybuilding,unless your competing and need to get in a specific weight class lol

  11. Take a step back for a minute here. 5% is extremely low. I'm not doubting you were there at all, but that's REALLY low and typically your body is going to fight like hell to put on weight. Having no clue who you are, I'd guess 5% was a little low for you and you were higher... 7-8% and probably put on only a few lbs of fat. Putting thing into perspective even more, Lance Armstrong, 8% BF during his rides. When most BBers are on stage you're looking at 4-6% so... that's extremely low.

    Anyway, don't stress it. You still have abs and if you want to stay lean you know how to do it. Losing a couple lbs of fat will be cake for ya!

  12. Were you taking any type of supplements? if the figures are correct that's about 1lb of muscle a month I think. not sure how much lbm one is supposed to be able to gain hormone free.

  13. I didn't know you could gain muscle without supplementation? Hmm... news to me!

    Honestly, on a big bulk you can probably put on a .5 lb of muscle a week. With that I'd suggest there's going to be some fat gain too. Yes, you can put on more, but it's pretty hard. Also depends how long you've been lifting/gaining, etc too. The bigger you get, the harder it is to put on muscle.

    Quote Originally Posted by mixedup
    Were you taking any type of supplements? if the figures are correct that's about 1lb of muscle a month I think. not sure how much lbm one is supposed to be able to gain hormone free.


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