got no idea of what diet I should do...

  1. got no idea of what diet I should do...

    I have about 24% bf right now and want to be around 12% or 14% bf and get bulk at the same time... I am a little chuby but lately seeing some good changes after 1 month of hard weight training and doing cardio every day... My question is about the diet, what diet should I do? high protein? low carb? or what? I have no idea... Im really new at this and have no idea of what Im doing... I am 5'11", and weight 190lbs

  2. Well first, you shouldnt try and bulk and cut at the same time. Do one or the other. Also, go to and log your cals. This is a great resource.

  3. Maintanence calorie intake + supplements could see you lose fat and gain/maintain muscle. What I've been doing lately to get my intake (maintanence) is 1.5xbodyweight=carb intake in grams, 1xbodyweight=protein intake in grams, 0.75xbodyweight=fat intake, which I find works.

    Like dunk has said though you might want to just choose to cut to 15%bf and then lean bulk.

  4. I would suggest focusing on cutting right now and get down to 14-15 % and then do a lean bulk.

    If your diet is lacking right now when you get it in order you will see some really good results. Search through the weight loss forum as there are tons of great threads regarding questions you probably have and also first hand experience.

    try to eat 6 meals a day and track everything on fit day. Try doing morning cardio and a good weight trainig style and youll be set

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