OMG am I on a DIRTY BULK?????

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  1. If you can get a decent turkey sausage, it is a nice substitute for fatty pork sausage.

    Be careful, though, because some turkey sausages aren't much better for you than regular sausages. Check the label.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    I think J was not only commenting on your actual choice of foods, but your meal breakdown. IMO, a well-constructed diet consists of 6-8 whole meals, each having a proper micro and macro nutrient breakdown. You had 4 meals listed, two of them being suspect. So, just to recap:

    a)Drop the sausage
    b)Brown rice
    c)No more soda
    d)Fuller, more complete meals
    e)Whole grains-Low GI Carbs

    I should mention that I am not patronizing you or trying to be condescending, and that definitely wasn't the tone I wrote this post in.

    Just tryin to help

    Mullet don't worry I know your not trying to be condescending I also know I am still learning about proper diet etc so I take everything everybody says and try to learn from it and my mistakes. One of the reasons I ask all the questions on here is because I know I will get GREAT help and advice. I'm stil a little stuck in old school mentatility of BULK = EATING and a lot of my weight cutting is fighter/wrestler style so it's not all that healthy ( 12lbs in 36 hours stuff like that) So i am very glad there are so many people on here that help steer me the right way as far as nutrition etc.

  3. Ok guys after approx 3 weeks on a dirty bulk I got myself back under control heres how my menu looks today

    meal 1: ahi tuna fillet 1 cup brown rice
    meal 2: 6 oz lean ground turkey 1 cup brown rice
    snack Honey bunches of Oats cereal bar (not the greatest
    but is satisys craving with only 3g fat and 1g of fiber)
    meal 3: 6 oz lean ground turkey 1 cup brown rice
    meal 4: multi grain bagel with blueberry cream cheese
    meal 5 4 egg whites 2 whole eggs 1/2 cup brown rice
    meal 6 4 oz lean ground turkey 1/2 brown rice.

    I will be alternating between ground turkey and chicken most of the time and brown rice and wheat pasta. I will also be throwing in Red Meat several times a week because I believe BEEFY people eat BEEF. I find it Hard to really BULK on all poultry. My main goal for this Bulk is just to not get above 15.5% BF. I belive if I stay with in that range when I go back to the extra cardio I will be good I don't do BB competitions so 10-12% BF is good for me overall. I will be using tren and OT for my cut.
    I guess I went a little overboard coming off a cutting diet. I will be doing cheat weekends. I think i need them when on a bulk for sanity purposes because when I cut I know I have to get alot more strict and I will be cutting towards the end of the year I have a comp in november.

    Thanks for everyones help and input. Blaze, MUllet or others could you chime in on how the above menu looks.


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