high protein cycle

  1. high protein cycle

    is it good for me to eat a high protein suplment like big max50(max-muscl) with high5(max-muscle) with amino max (max-muscle) in a cycle together??
    if its too many tell me wich one???
    what about the creatin and glutamin,again is it good to use alpha1 that mix this stuff together or buy eachone lonly and then mix them my self when i wanna eat??

  2. Most people can't process over 50 grams of protein at once without bloating and other issues. I'm not familiar with those products nor their protein content but there's a limit to what your body can process and use at a time.

  3. Dragon I think you should read up on how the body breaks down and uses protein. Also just a word of advice if your eating whole foods I believe the body can handle more protein because your body doesn't break it all down at once, it takes a little time so your body can absorb more of the good stuff. As for shakes 30-40g tops I'd say. That stuff shoots right through you.

  4. i going to gym in the after noon ,ok ??
    what happens if i eat the mix of glutamin and creatin one serving after work out and one serving in the morning??
    and cancel that serving befor work out??

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