Please Help...

  1. Please Help...

    What is this best supplement on the market to get me huge, not fat, muscle and that is legal and would pass a college baseball drug test??

  2. food, whey, creatine, multi.

    I do not know much about the NCAA drug policy as far as what is on the list of banned substances so I am hesitant to provide a name of something that could contain something banned.

  3. Any type of drug that is in the following class of substances is banned: Stimulants, Diuretics, Anabolic Agents, street drugs & Peptide Hormones and Analogues including but not limited to: caffeine, DHEA, andro, heroin, thc, LH, HGH, IGF-1 & EPO. So the "best supplement" to get you huge would be food, food, and more food. Creatine and whey are about the only other supplements that are legal and you still have to question their purity. Supplementing while participating in NCAA sports is risky. You could get away with a short oral cycle during the summer because they aren't going to test you 'till you get back to school, if they choose to randomly pick you.

  4. :burg: izza::burg: :hot: :donut: :burg: =:bb2:

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