pics before bulk phase

  1. pics before bulk phase


  2. Before bulk? You look good man.

  3. Freak. Excellent proportion and good legs

  4. You are effing stacked good luck on your bulk I love your cycle plans minus the abombs-
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  5. thanks a lot for the comments guys, but it always seems like its never good enough this is my first time posing, too, so im tryin to get up to 230 for next year around this time. and im still pretty young im 21 so i got that on my side so ne tips on nutrition or cycles for bulking would be great. ihear everyones taking dextrose does that really help that much?

  6. Damn dude, I love your modesty on the b4 pics. Looking good. I dont use dextrose but I imagine if I did it would be post WO only to spike insulin and shuttle nutrients. Everything else would be more towards the lower side of the glycemic index. But you look like you have a pretty good grip on nutrition... or freakin' awesome genetics!!!:bb3:

  7. look great man, but 3% bf? I find that hard to believe, if you got to that I doubt you could stay at it for more than a day or too, either way you are pretty shredded in those pictures, so im not trying to take away from you. I'd say maybe the traps could come up a bit, you are pretty much in good size in all areas. The legs are big, i find it odd you dont see more definition for how shredded you are. Either way keep of the good work!


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