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  1. actually no I haven't thought about propel

  2. I would imagine that propel would get a little pricy... You need to be drinking alot of water. I drink 2-3 gallons per day at 227lbs.. just sack up and get used to eating (and drinking) stuff that isnt the best tasting. It gets easier I promise, especially when you start seeing the results in the mirror..

  3. dirty bulking does sound awesome though!!!!izza:

  4. yea dude they old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is true your body has been fasting all night and the most important time to eat high protien meals is in the morning as soon as you wake up within 30 min after your workout and before bed so do your self a favor and eat a good breakfast!!

  5. Yeah, one of the things is that I'm not really educated as to what all is healthy and I have trouble putting together what all is out there that is healthy for me. Seems like the whole grocery store is bad for me just walking into the place. Hydrogenated oil oozing from the ceiling ya know?

  6. chicken and steak you cant go wrong there as long as you stay away from fried foods and only use olive oil instead of veggie oil also mrp or just a good protien shake but use milk and not water i use nonfat milk myself also peanut butter and bannana sandwiches mmmm one of my favs high in protien tastes great with a big glass of milk

  7. yeah I sware by protein shakes with milk. And my dad can't eat fried foods cuz of cholestrol and trans fat and he uses EVOO alot (I kinna like it that way) and he breads chicken and bakes it raither than fries it. He does a bunch of other stuff thats healthy that I eat alot too.

    Maybe that's why I'm droppin weight so fast. My diet he says isn't all that much different than his.

  8. sorry for the double post. Just wanted to get everybodys attention.

    I found a cheaper alternative to Propel and I bought some. It's called Poweraide Option. It's missing alot of ingrediants in gatorade and still has alot of good stuff in it.

    I got Lemon, Black Cherry, and Strawberry. It says it's naturally flavored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beebs
    Thought about that propel stuff?

    Seriously though, I'm not being mean when I say that you really can't be so picky and expect to reach your goals. Sounds cliche but, no pain no gain right?

    True that. Mcwirefan man you sound really picky when you can't even drink normal water. You got to show discipline!

  10. I have, I'm actually drinking filtered water with most of my meals now. It's a struggle but I'm gettin there.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mcgwirefan37
    I have, I'm actually drinking filtered water with most of my meals now. It's a struggle but I'm gettin there.
    Great Job!!:bb2:

  12. thanks. seems like occasionally I'm loosing motivation and cheating on the weekends, so I'm presently working on surrounding myself with pictures to motivate me. Also I'm working on buying Arnold flicks for motivation. I'm gonna buy ********, and T2 (I hate Terminator 1, he needed more of a speaking role and less stalking in my opinion). Are there any other Arnold Action movies that aren't so gay? (seems like some of his very first ones are a lil gay with the costumes but through the 80's seems to be his best stuff) really I wish they'd find a Body Builder to do more action movies, cuz the Rock to me just ain't cuttin it, he ain't swole enough to take the place of Arnold. Arnold is the man still in my opinion.

  13. Stick with it man. I do cheat sometimes on the weekends too when I'm with my girlfriend. It helps keep me sane. You can do it.

  14. Get Pumping Iron... the most inspirational Arnold flick ever

  15. After reading all of the posts, to summarize....

    Nail a good repeatable breakfast, like oats + protein powder + some low fat cheese or meat you can eat day in and day out without trouble.

    Make two big sandwiches and eat those as your main solid food meals.

    Have an MRP with Skim Milk 3x a day.

    Track your calories is easy this way, either have 400, 500, or 600 calories and make sure you have 50 grams protein per meal.

    Do this consistently, and you'll gain muscle, and you can figure out how much to eat, to gain muscle with minimal fat.

    If you need to cut fat, and that's the bottom line, do this first. The same meal approach will still work.

    Eventually, after just learning to prepare your meals, as simple as these are (they should take you like 15 total minutes per day), you'll realize you can go the extra 15-20 minutes and start preparing better meal choices.

    Take a greens supplement to counter you arent eating alot of veggies, with the above meal plan and you'll do well.

    This of course - sucks compared to what you could do instead, but it will work, and has worked for many people trying to add muscle in college, and in less than ideal eating circumstances.

  16. I'm sorry for not making an informative post, but don't dirty bulk, or else you'll be all:

    **** a six pack got-ta pack a rolls
    Tryna put my house on food patrol
    Cuz I use-my-fork as a dea-dly we-apon
    Wendy's my *****, yo punk ya steppin?
    Love Arby's an' da King's the sh!t
    Ronald's my homie, Big Mac's legit
    **** the Green Giant he-can kiss my ass
    Mullet don't eat sh!t that comes from grass
    Face is all derty with pizza grease
    Go ahead ***** call the food police
    I ain't scared **** I'll eat em too
    Only thing scares me is takin poo

    They hatinnnnnnnnnn
    Not weighinnnn-my food
    Because I'm bulking dirrrrrrrty
    Tryna catch me bulkin dirrrty
    Tryna catch me bulkin dirrrty

  17. HAHAHA.... CHAMOMILLE-IONAIRE!!! funny crap mullet

  18. T1 is not gay

    as for arnold movies Pumping Iron is your best bet. I would also reccomend Rambo (not arnold but Sly is great too) and Rocky (again not Arnold but Sly is a bad ass too.)

  19. agreed.... anothe motivational Arnold flick... Junior. and lets not forget Kindergarten Cop!!!

  20. I didn't say T1 was gay I just said I hated it cuz he needed more lines. But its one of the best movies he's ever done.

    I did say however that some of the early ones towards the late 70's was gay (some of the costumes was borderline gayfer)

    I'll see if I can find Pumping Iron. I'll also try to get T2. But for Sly Cliffhanger was a good one. (Lithgow always plays a pretty good badguy) Oh snap! Forgot about Dolph Lundgren! Well there's Rocky IV and Red Scorpion. Assasins was a good Sly movie too

  21. Well I got 5 Arnold Movies for 30 bucks. I got the Arnold Collection (I'm not spelling his last name it'll drive me nuts) and another DVD with 2 movie on it. So heres my collection so far

    True Lies
    Collateral Damage

    Next on my list
    T3 with Pumping Iron included


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