q on dirty bulking

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  1. I'm sorry for not making an informative post, but don't dirty bulk, or else you'll be all:

    **** a six pack got-ta pack a rolls
    Tryna put my house on food patrol
    Cuz I use-my-fork as a dea-dly we-apon
    Wendy's my *****, yo punk ya steppin?
    Love Arby's an' da King's the sh!t
    Ronald's my homie, Big Mac's legit
    **** the Green Giant he-can kiss my ass
    Mullet don't eat sh!t that comes from grass
    Face is all derty with pizza grease
    Go ahead ***** call the food police
    I ain't scared **** I'll eat em too
    Only thing scares me is takin poo

    They hatinnnnnnnnnn
    Not weighinnnn-my food
    Because I'm bulking dirrrrrrrty
    Tryna catch me bulkin dirrrty
    Tryna catch me bulkin dirrrty

  2. HAHAHA.... CHAMOMILLE-IONAIRE!!! funny crap mullet

  3. T1 is not gay

    as for arnold movies Pumping Iron is your best bet. I would also reccomend Rambo (not arnold but Sly is great too) and Rocky (again not Arnold but Sly is a bad ass too.)

  4. agreed.... anothe motivational Arnold flick... Junior. and lets not forget Kindergarten Cop!!!

  5. I didn't say T1 was gay I just said I hated it cuz he needed more lines. But its one of the best movies he's ever done.

    I did say however that some of the early ones towards the late 70's was gay (some of the costumes was borderline gayfer)

    I'll see if I can find Pumping Iron. I'll also try to get T2. But for Sly Cliffhanger was a good one. (Lithgow always plays a pretty good badguy) Oh snap! Forgot about Dolph Lundgren! Well there's Rocky IV and Red Scorpion. Assasins was a good Sly movie too

  6. Well I got 5 Arnold Movies for 30 bucks. I got the Arnold Collection (I'm not spelling his last name it'll drive me nuts) and another DVD with 2 movie on it. So heres my collection so far

    True Lies
    Collateral Damage

    Next on my list
    T3 with Pumping Iron included


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