How many calories are in your Chipotle???

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  1. You know its funny I came accross this thread. Chipotlet was my solution, or perhaps you could say inspiration in framing my diet. Throw a few burritto's in a thermos and keepem with you for those hard to hit meal times.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by theshocker21
    I live in Arizona, There is authentic Mexican/Burrito places on every corner called Filibertos. Those places will just make you **** your pants. I love chipotle though. We don't have that restaurant down here(Qdobas).
    Filibertos is not authentic, you do not know Mexican food man and that is pathetic being that the Phoenix area has some awesome Mexican food. If you're in Tempe eat at Espo's or Armandos on 42nd st.

    That said I like Chipotle but it is NOT Mexican food at its truest. No authetic Mexican has yellow cheese or white rice. I still like it and my burrito has a perfect 2:1 C/P ratio which makes it great PWO so I can't complain too much.

    Honestly if you are in Scottsdale go to Los Sombreros on Scottsdale and McKellips, the chef actually lived in Central America for years learning how to cook 100% authentic and it is flat out amazing

  3. Quote Originally Posted by theshocker21
    I live in Gilbert too! We probably go to the same Chipotle on Gilbert and Warner...

    My buddy lives off Gilbert, I used to frequent that exact Chipotle, but I'm from Tempe.

  4. mmm... Chipotle.

    MMMM....! Haven't had chipotle in a long time. Think it is a chipotle day today. =)

    1215 Calories for mine. Over the last few months my daily caloric intake has been in the 1800 to 2000 range, not counting the weekend cheat meals.

  5. I love this thread but I love Chipotle even more. Get than Mango Orange Juice by Nantucket Nectars theyve got in the fridge behind the register, its delicious.

  6. Wink

    This what I do. I go in and order about 8 to 10 bowls to go.

    In each bowl I have double pinto beans, triple chicken, one steak. Throw them in my freezer that way I can have chipotle anytime I want.

    Each bowl is about 2 to 3 meals with plenty of yummy protein to spare. All you have to do is make some brown rice thaw out a bowl and you have meals for the day!

  7. ^^^Now THAT is some thinkin'....
    It all tastes ok out of the freezer?

  8. i love qdoba and chipotle ...basically the same thing we also just opened up OSO burritos...havent been there but im guessing its the same thing and im from Lincoln Nebraska

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22
    I'm 18
    You guys going to go out on a date now?



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