How many calories are in your Chipotle???

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  1. Wink

    This what I do. I go in and order about 8 to 10 bowls to go.

    In each bowl I have double pinto beans, triple chicken, one steak. Throw them in my freezer that way I can have chipotle anytime I want.

    Each bowl is about 2 to 3 meals with plenty of yummy protein to spare. All you have to do is make some brown rice thaw out a bowl and you have meals for the day!

  2. ^^^Now THAT is some thinkin'....
    It all tastes ok out of the freezer?

  3. i love qdoba and chipotle ...basically the same thing we also just opened up OSO burritos...havent been there but im guessing its the same thing and im from Lincoln Nebraska

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22
    I'm 18
    You guys going to go out on a date now?



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