Have no clue where to start....

  1. Have no clue where to start....

    First off, i have no idea what everyone is talking about as far as supplements go. I eat very good. I have been using the Fitday.com food tracker. I am about 162lbs. in the morning. I am also 5'6 with a small frame. I would like to bulk up about 10lbs..as of right now I am about 10.5%bf. Doesn't sound like much, but I don't wanna be gigantic, just a little bigger and solid. I take a multi-vitamin right now and I do a protein shke everyday with a NO booster. I am definitely interested in a nice combination of supplements to help me out. I go to the gym for about 2hrs. everyday. I know I am getting stronger, but more muscle is eluding me. I will post in the nutrition section as far as caloric intake, in here I want to know about what supps to take and when. Thanks......

  2. Spend all of your time in there. You'll accomplish your goals just by getting your diet in check. Dont worry about supps.

  3. Decrease gym time to 1 hour, hour 15 tops. There is no reason to be in the gym that long unless you are doing cardio after lifting, which I would switch to seperate days for bulking.

    Get a meal plan and post that up with hours that you are eating and a macro nutrient breakdown at the end.

    Look at my Jungle Warfare along with previous logs for an awesome start on the exercise front. Also Hypertrophy Specific Training - HST, would be another good workout to read up on.

    Welcome btw.

    Were/Are you in the Corps? We got a couple former Devil Dogs here.

  4. I will post my results with the fitday log, then I will see what feedback I get. I will try going with 40/40/20 for about 3500 calories a day. I am going to try and stay away from processed foods altogether. I think I eat alot today, so I will do 2 protein shakes a day instead of the usual 1. I serving gives me 626 calories/15.5g fat(5 sat)/75.5 g carbs(5g fiber)/46g protein.....not counting the 2 cups skim milk I use to mix it. So that should help me alot with the calorie intake. I will try to cut down on my workout time and get more rest. But I am addicted to the gym....its like a drug. Anyways I am still in the Marine Corps...just in the active reserve side now...I was active duty up until last year. I am also in the Airwing side, not the Ground side unfortunately.

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